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Teeth Marks on Tongue Body (Scalloped) If the tongue body has normal color, this usually indicates Spleen Qi Deficiency If there are teeth marks together with a swollen tongue, this may indicate Spleen Yang and/or Qi Deficiency. If the tongue is also pale and moist, it is more likely Spleen Yang Deficiency or a Cold-Damp pattern Teeth Marks on Tongue Body (Scalloped) If the tongue body has normal color, this usually indicates Spleen Qi Deficiency. If there are teeth marks together with a swollen tongue, this may indicate Spleen Yang and/or Qi Deficiency. If the tongue is also pale and moist, it is more likely Spleen Yang Deficiency or a Cold-Damp pattern The presence of teeth marks (TMs) on the tongue surface indicates a swollen tongue and decreased resilience of the tongue surface. The aim of this study was to investigate whether teeth mark level (TML), a novel TM indicator, is useful for determining deficiency patterns (DPs) in patients with chronic fatigue (CF) Teeth Mark • Teeth marks suggest that there is a Spleen-deficiency or accumulation of water-dampness in the body. These imbalances in the body lead to an enlarged tongue, which lets the teeth make imprints on the tongue more easily. The extent of the teeth marks—slight to severe—indicates the seriousness of the condition

Tooth-marks on tongue This tongue is swollen in the Lung area: a bit pale, with teethmarks on one side. Suggests some Blood deficiency, Damp or Phlegm in the Lungs and Spleen deficiency. Lines point to chronic Stomach Qi deficiency Veterinarians and medical/naturopathic doctors can tell your liver's health by the appearance of your tongue. They noticed that those with liver inflammation have teeth marks on the side of the tongue. This can also mean that the person has mercury amalgam in his/her teeth. Metal toxins should be removed and a detox is in order According to the Huffington Post, one sign of sleep apnea is tongue indentations, or teeth imprints on the tongue that suggest it's too big for the mouth. Morgan Swofford for LittleThings Cause.. Some people often describe it as wavy tongue edges, an indentation on side of the tongue, rippled tongue edge, tongue ridges along sides, teeth marks on side of the tongue, among other descriptions. Whenever your tongue becomes larger than normal, it will press onto your teeth. This tends to cause indentations

Boggy Tongue. A boggy tongue reflects a digestive fire that has been turned off. This typically results in a pale, wet, coated, and even swollen tongue depending on what the body type is. Teeth-Marked Tongue. This tongue generally has scalloping teeth marks along the sides of the tongue iv) Swollen tongue with teeth marks on the side This indicates there the body's spleen is weaker and the body contains excessive fluid A scalloped tongue may be a sign of sleep apnea, due to difficulty breathing while you're sleeping. You may subconsciously push your tongue down into your teeth to open the airway, which can lead.. If the tongue is swollen with tooth marks along the sides, this clearly shows a Deficiency of Spleen Qi. THIN TONGUE A thin tongue appears thinner than normal and even slightly shrunken. Thinness indicates a lack of proper Body Fluids; if the tongue is pale, Blood Deficiency is the problem; a red, thin tongue discloses Yin Deficiency I have been dealing with burning tongue, teeth marks around the perimeter,and a very sore spot along the right side for a year now. I have seen my doctor, dentist, wellness center and an ENT and no one can help me. I have tried products for dry mouth, multi vit., and Gabapentin 100mg. and nothing has helped

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  1. es the tongue, they are looking at such things as body color, texture, coating, cracks, lines, teeth marks and relative moisture or lack thereof. Following are examples of 10 different TCM syndromes, the tongues they manifest, what they mean and what symptoms may be presen
  2. Qi Deficiency - thin white coating, teeth marks, pale tongue with few red spots A tongue can also reflect a person's inner harmony or disharmony, and if you have a pale tongue with few spots on it or a tongue that has thin white coating and teeth marks, then you must definitely be suffering from Qi Deficiency
  3. Often there is a digestion issue or fatigue for a person with this sort of tongue. Also common with this type of tongue, is the appearance of teeth marks on the sides. A swollen tongue can also mean that there is a retention of fluids. Red: A red tongue is almost always indicative of some kind of heat imbalance in the body
  4. Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine Giovanni Maciocia 2021-02-10T08:19:18-08:00. An essential tool in Chinese medicine, the Tongue nearly always shows the true condition of the patient. It is particularly useful in complex, chronic conditions manifesting with contradicting symptoms and signs

In TCM, a thick yellow coating right in the center of the tongue also means your body is dehydrated and can't properly digest your food. You may have some of the following symptoms: body heat, sweating, body odor, yellow urine, or constipation TONGUE SHAPE/SIZE: Swollen: Indicates the presence of phlegm in the body, a result of qi deficiency or qi stagnation. Rippled Edges/Teeth Marks: Corresponds to a qi deficiency, which may manifest as fatigue, anxiety, poor appetite, digestive conditions, and shortness of breath. Cracked Spleen yang or qi deficiencies can also be shown by the presences of teeth marks together with swollen tongue. The tongue can also be pale and moist according to Chinese medicine. Scalloping can be cleared by having a lifestyle change, you need to avoid foods that may lead to water retention

Tongue diagnosis is part of diagnosis by looking in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It is considered a pillar of diagnosis because it provides clearly visible tongue is a tremendous help in determining which herbs to prescribe in any given health imbalance. Swollen edges or teeth marks indicates deficient spleen q SCALLOPED EDGES (TEETH MARKS) Although the sides of the tongue mirror the liver/gallbladder meridian, teeth marks on the edges are actually a result of a 'swollen' tongue that is pressing into the teeth which leaves imprints over time. In TCM, a swollen or puffy tongue indicates there is a deficiency in Qi (energy) - especially spleen. However, tooth-marked tongue recognition is challenging. The characteristics of different tongues are multiform and have a great amount of variations, such as different colors, different shapes, and different types of teeth marks. The regions of teeth mark only appear along the lateral borders If the tongue is puffy with teeth marks it indicates a lack of nutrients and moisture. There could be blood stagnation and toxic buildup in the body as well. A very thin tongue could indicate.. Vertical crack on the tongue usually indicates the exhaustion of your body fluids specifically Yin Deficiency. Taking into account swelling of the tongue body (your teeth marks) it confirms the Yin Deficiency in the Spleen and accumulation of Damp..

Examples of tongue's appearance and their TCM indication. Normal healthy tongue looks pale red/pink in color, normal in size, with a thin coating: It implies a good balance of Qi and Xue. An enlarged tongue with teeth marks along the sides: It indicates a weak functioning of the stomach and spleen, as well as a high level of dampness Q. I am a 20-year-old man. For many years, I have had a white coating on my tongue.Every day before I sleep, I brush my teeth and sometimes use mouth wash. In the morning after I wake up, there is.

Depending on the severity of the swelling, you may have pronounced ridges on the sides of your tongue, visible teeth marks, or indentations on the tongue edges. A scalloped tongue isn't a disease in itself but an indication of an underlying health condition Tongue diagnosis is an important method in TCM. Teeth marks are objective indexes of the diagnosis of qi deficiency. One method on teeth marks recognition is based on detecting the size of concave. Advice for teeth marks on tongue. Hi, But unfortunately, I can't find any TCM doctors around me in America. Is there any food or herbs I can get easily around me? 6. 5 comments. share. save. hide. report. 6. Posted by 5 days ago. what painkillers did the chinese use traditionally If the tongue is swollen from side to side it will develop teeth marks along the edges; this is an indication of Spleen Qi Deficiency as the Spleen plays an important role in Chinese medicine by insuring the correct distribution of fluids in the body Over time, the deficiency will display outward symptoms like distinctive teeth marks can be imprinted on the edges of the tongue. Dampness and the spleen. Dampness is a concept in TCM where the spleen is incapable of transporting and transforming body fluids, leading to an accumulation of moisture within the body

Tongue diagnosis: A normal tongue is pink in color, medium thickness, no cracks, ulcers, no teeth marks and with a light white moist coat (with root) on it. It has a look of aliveness and is supple (not stiff). There is no movement (quivering, trembling, side-to-side motion, curling or shifting to one side.) A healthy tongue looks like a piece of freshly killed meat Tongue Proper - We may evaluate the size of the tongue compared to the opening of the mouth or observe any teeth marks on the sides. The color of tongue can give us ideas of the strength of one's health. Tongue Coating - A normal tongue should have a very thin clear coating that exhibits proper enzymatic content and salivary secretions.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor usually makes diagnosis in the light of the type of the patients tongue, which is usually bit by teeth (we call this kind of tongue teeth-marked tongue) Because the tongue is inspected visually, interrater reliability is quite good. It is relatively easy to agree whether there are teeth-marks on the edges of the tongue or cracks down its middle. Likewise, it is relatively easy to agree on color, thickness and color of tongue fur, and the moistness of the tongue A healthy tongue body is pink. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the tongue body represents the yin organs, blood and nutritive qi (ying qi). Examples of a tongue that has lost it's healthy qi (zheng qi) include a tongue that is: pale (qi or blood deficiency); pale sides (liver blood deficiency); red with purple spot The consistency and shape of the tongue are also significant. A puffy tongue with teeth marks on the sides is seen in a person with deficient qi, while a puffy tongue that appears wet indicates deficient yang. A shriveled, atrophied tongue is seen in deficient conditions; this sign appears sometimes in cancer patients

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Based on the enlargement of the tongue with teeth-marks on its edges, I knew that there was a chronic spleen qi vacuity. This had led to a righteous qi vacuity and, thus, the body's susceptibility to external invasion and its inability to throw off the evil qi Let's just look at a tongue, trying to go back to see if that's yin or yang, if it's hot or cold, if it's exterior or interior, and if it's deficient or excess. 38:29 S4: Okay. Here, the abnormality you can see will be the teeth mark, the whole age of teeth marks. Actually you'll see a lot of patients with teeth marks on the side In terms of shape, the tongue should be smooth and not too thick or thin; it should not have cracks, teeth marks, or swelling. Regarding coating, TCM professionals use the tongue's coating to examine its connection to the health of the Zang- and Fu-organ function. When they see an absent tongue coating, they believe that it may be a Kidney.

Their tongue pushes against the teeth to aid in their stabilization. This can cause the tongue to have grooves or teeth marks. As a side note, if your tongue isn't swollen but you do have teeth marks on it, you could have a narrow lower jaw, or you may have developed the habit of pushing the tongue on your dental arch How a Tongue Exam Can Assess Health. In TCM, it's thought that different areas of the tongue reflect the health of five corresponding organ systems: liver, lung, spleen, heart, and kidney. 1 . TCM is based on the theory that all of the body's organs mutually support each other and that - in order to achieve optimal health - an individual. The patient's tongue had a red tip, purple body, and teeth marks on the sides with a thin white coating. TCM diagnosis was derived to be kidney yang deficiency with spleen qi deficiency. Nutritionally, the patient was lacto-vegetarian and lacked protein in her diet The shape and the size of the tongue; Swollen tongue: A swollen tongue with teeth marks indicates dampness and spleen deficiency. It is a common symptom of stomach problems. Small or thin tongue: This indicates the deficiency of qi (气) and blood (血). Common symptoms are dizziness and fatigue. The coating on the tongue

In EM, the sides of the tongue correlate with the liver system. When it comes to finding clues to how balanced and healthy the liver system is, the following indications on the tongue could point to an imbalance: Teeth marks on the side of the tongue - Side teeth marks are fairly common and typically relate to damp retention in the body. A tongue that is smaller than normal indicates a deficiency of substance in the body, namely Blood Deficiency or Yin Deficiency. Common symptoms include anxiety, restlessness, tinnitis, insomnia, night sweats, and female hormone deficiency. Teeth marks on the sides of the tongue indicates Spleen Qi Deficiency Tongue Diagnosis is a primary diagnostic tool in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The tongue can tell a great deal about the internal condition of the body. The image on the left shows the correlation between the organs and area of the tongue. Tongue diagnosis requires a great deal of knowledge of TCM theory and experience wit Marks of Teeth on the Tongue If there are visible teeth marks on the edges of the tongue, it is referred to as being 'scalloped', an indication of sogginess or a deficiency of the energy flow in the body [qi] or even a problem with the spleen If the tongue swells sufficiently, it will press against the teeth, creating teeth marks which is called a scalloped tongue; A small or thin tongue can indicate either blood deficiency or yin deficiency. What color should your tongue be? The tongue body color indicates the body's internal temperature

Observation of the tongue, also known as tongue diagnosis, is an important procedure in TCM examination. It includes observing the tongue and any coating it may have. The tongue body refers to the muscular tissue of the tongue. The tongue coating (fur) refers to a layer of moss over the tongue surface, which is produced by the stomach qi The teeth marks are there because the tongue is so swollen that your teeth are resting on the sides of your tongue. Signs and Symptoms your Spleen is Not Working As we discussed, the spleen holds a very important role of governing and transportation and transformation of water and food into essential substances Wavy or scallope tongue symptoms should be carefully examined and tests for certain possible causes done too. According to the Center for Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine, Qi and Yang has something to do with flabby and swollen tongues whereby there is excess damp and teeth marks on the side. It is worse in the morning The tongue is dry, with a strong yellow (or brown to black) coating. 3. Insufficiency of qi energy. They appear from time to time for a long period. They are usually pale in colour and worsen when overworked. The tongue is pale, swollen and has teeth marks on the sides. 4. Attack by hot win I'm thinking that 2011 is the year I'll go back to finish my degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Being the opportunist I am, I put my degree on the backburner for 2010 to take advantage of a better offer while also temporarily satiating my travel bug and starting up foodiecure - my ever evolving, pulsating, fluctuating gourmet food and health-maitenance business

TCM believes the tongue is a microcosm of the entire body and will reflect its excesses and deficiencies. Being directly related to the stomach by proximity and availability, the tongue acts as a very good reflection of our digestive systems. If your tongue is puffy with teeth marks along the side, we know that your body isn't making use. A yeast infection known as oral thrush can affect the mouth and tongue. Symptoms include: white spots, bumps, or patches on the inside surfaces of the mouth. a bad taste. pain or soreness inside. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Introduction Adrenal fatigue is a type of syndrome caused by the decreased function of the adrenal glands. and a pale flabby tongue body with teeth marks. Recommended Herbal Formulas: Treatment Principle Warm the Kidneys, move the Qi and promote water movement. Englis Pulse and Tongue diagnosis in TCM. As we can see in the illustrations, a tongue with teeth marks might indicate a Qi deficiency (氣虛), a purple tongue some Blood stagnation (血瘀), a red tongue might indicate Heat (熱邪), etc. These signs are very valuable information for the choice of the treatment

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The concept of qi deficiency comes from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Practitioners say that qi is a person's energy or life force, often related to the spleen. A qi deficiency is said to create. Diagnosis (Tongue) A healthy tongue is slightly moist, pink, and has a very slight white coat. It is flexible, not swollen, and without any teeth marks on the sides. -Coating reflects the state of the gall bladder, stomach, large intestines, and bladder. These tongues are gross to look at but are a good example of what can happen when a. *When the body's Qi or Yang is deficient, the tongue tends to become swollen, and the pressure of the teeth on the tongue can leave small marks. Herbs and foods to increase Qi and strengthen the spleen: ginseng, membranous milk vetch (Astragalus membranaceus) (黄芪), Special TCM Prescription. Narrow teeth arch or ill-fitting dentures may compress the sides of the tongue to create teeth-like marks or a scalloped tongue. It is therefore important to go for well-fitting dentures to avoid wavy tongue sides. Other treatments includes traditional Chinese medicine, osteopathy, biofeedback therapy and acupuncture. Avoid clenching or. The tongue region is segmented automatically to derive relevant tongue features. There are 9 primary features for TCM clinical tongue diagnosis, namely, tongue shape, tongue color, fur thickness, fur color, saliva, tongue fissure, ecchymosis, teeth mark, and red dot

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The best time to see a tongue is in the morning, under natural light, before brush your teeth. Of course it is not possible to keep your TCM doctor at your home, but you should know that you should not brush your tongue or drink hot water before you come to your doctor, since they will change your shape and color of your tongue To get a more detailed look at your Chinese medicine diagnosis, answer yes or no to each of the following questions. Don't worry about what the symptoms mean; just note whether you experience them. If you have more than one-third yes responses in any diagnostic category, then you may have an element of this imbalance in your system. You may. The chest area is on the sides of the tongue, between the centre part and the tip. The chest area reflects a pathology of three organs: heart, lungs or breast in women. Changes in this area to look for are: 1) Changes in colour (usually purple or red) 2) Changes in body shape (usually swollen or with teeth marks) 3) Red point

TCM Diagnosis 1 - Qian. round in the middle & pointed at the top (like a flame), less hair on the top of the head, (fire burned the hair away), happy, not serious person, h&s & feet are small, walk fast. Easily has HTN & HT diseases, vain, materialistic. Runs hot, can be dry Causes of Red Spots on tongue. Natural Bumps. The papillae that have the taste buds that are found on the tongue normally form in a V that leads to the back of the throat. You may also experience lingual tonsils or a round mass of the lymphatic tissue especially at the back of the tongue that may appear like red spots on tongue Fordyce Spots on Shaft Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Natural Remedies. by Annie Shuler July 13, 2021. by Annie Shuler July 13, 2021. Do you have tiny, pale red, yellow-white or skin-colored bumps or spots on the shaft. Read more Yet in TCM, Tongue Diagnosis is an essential part of our assessment and evaluation. QI DEFICIENCY - Pale tongue with thin white coating, a few spots, and teeth marks. Qi Deficiency is typical if someone struggles with low energy, poor appetite, shortness of breath with exertion, bloating/gas, and worry.

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According to TCM, any obstruction in the meridians will ultimately affect water metabolism adversely. Your TCM practitioner will ask you to stick your tongue out. She will be looking for signs of internal dampness such as a thick or puffy tongue with teeth marks or indentions on the sides, and a thick-looking tongue coating A 2015 study published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medical Sciences uses the following five signs and symptoms to diagnose a qi deficiency: fatigue. shortness of breath or no desire to talk. spontaneous sweating. a swollen tongue with teeth marks on the side. a weak pulse. Causes of qi deficiency Pale/pink tongue and teeth marks at the sides . Easily fatigued, susceptible to the common cold or flu bug, prone to panting, perspires easily with little physical activity, tend to overthink and worry, and watery / loose stools. One should consult a licensed TCM practitioner for accurate diagnosis and treatment. You May Also Like. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) excessive sputum or saliva, fatigue, a bulky tongue with teeth marks around the edge and a white-greasy coating. Invigorate the spleen, dry dampness, resolve phlegm and restore the qi movement. Stagnation of liver Everyone agreed to have their pulse taken, but tongue observation proved to be much more difficult to practice! Who knew!!! So to continue in the series of posts dedicated to make TCM Diagnosis a little easier to grasp, I just created this one on the Observation method in Chinese medicine. Hope you enjoy and benefit from it

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The tooth-marked tongue refers to the tongue with the edge featured in jagged teeth marks, which is a significant indicator for reflecting the conditions of patients' internal organs in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). From the perspective of computer vision, due to the small variance in the global region (original image) but the large variance in the local region (tongue region. 9. Teeth marks on the margin of the tongue or swollen and pale tongue. These negative signs can be classified into energy patterns with each sign made up of specific symptoms and signs with each of them then resolved accordingly. Complementary Healthcare 1000 Valley Forge Cir #105 King of Prussia, PA 19406 (484) 392-702 TCM practitioner Angela Warburton provides some guidance below on what practitioners look for when examining the tongue: Healthy Tongue A healthy balanced tongue will be pinky red in colour, have smooth edges and a smooth body and a thin white coat that you can actually see the tongue body through. Pale and Teeth Marks The first area is the tongue proper. We may evaluate the size of the tongue compared to the opening of the mouth or observe any teeth marks on the sides. This may indicate edema or swelling in your body. We may search for any ulcerations or lacerations of the tongue. It may indicate a body that is prone or having some form of inflammation

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The tongue pictures of acquisition were analyzed from four aspects which included color of tongue (pale, pink, red, crimson and blue purple), tongue shape (size and teeth marks), color of tongue coating (white, light yellow and yellow), and texture of tongue coating (thinness, thickness and no coating) tongue with teeth marks and white-slippery coating, and rolling-fine pulse. Analysis: Due to an excessive physic work, or a bigger changed of life and study environment, or a weak constitution after a long term of illness, or a miscarriage, she appears a weak condition in general. The spleen and kidney Qi deficiencies fai Learn more about Teeth marks on tongue edges. Bright red tongue. Bright red tongue. A bright red tongue can indicate heart heat or blood stagnation. Learn more about Bright red tongue. Sores on tongue. Long tongue. Thin tongue. Wide Tongue. Tongue deviates to right/left. Some cracks on tongue The color of your tongue tells a lot about your overall health. A healthy tongue is pink with a light white coat that can't be scraped off easily. This is simply the natural flora of the tongue. A healthy tongue is also free from any ulcers or sores. Check the sides of the tongue for teeth marks--you shouldn't have any indentations on the. 1.5 hrs - 2.5 hrs Part 2 - The Tongue in Main TCM Theories: Dao, Yin-Yang, 5 Elements, 5 Substances. 2.5 hrs - 3.5 hrs Part 3 - The 11 Categories: Shape, Movement, Color, Climate, Coating, Puffiness, Sinking, Cracks, Veins under, Spots, Wounds ulcers & Teeth marks. 3.5 hrs - 4.5 hrs Part 4 - The 5 Association Areas: Heart, Lungs, Spleen-stomach.

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Swollen tongue body (vertically enlarged) excess heat or alcohol/drug toxicity: Heat pushes more Blood into tongue body to increase its size. Flabby tongue body (horizontally enlarged) damp or phlegm: fluids fill tongue and enlarge it horizontally. Teeth marks: damp or phlegm: a continuation of the flabby tongue in which the teeth indentations. While the tongue and teeth are working together to chew and swallow our food, the taste buds are reaping the flavour rewards. According to traditional Chinese medicine there are five taste buds. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the tongue is an important diagnostic tool for evaluating the meridians and internal organs of the body, including in the digestive system. A pale and moist tongue with a thick white coating is an indication of damp-cold or excessive dampness

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Tongue. TCM has a different interpretation for unhealthy appearance of the tongue. For instance, a yellow or yellowish-green tongue may indicate issues with the liver or gall bladder. Occurrence of teeth marks at the borders of the tongue is interpreted as poor absorption of nutrients. This may. TCM Granules Single Herb Formula Herb Pale and enlarged tongue, white and thin coating, or thin and greasy coating with teeth marks on the sides of tongue, slow and slippery pulse. Treatment & Formulas: Regulate the water metabolism by promoting the functions of spleen White tongue caused by a buildup of debris in the mouth is treated by regularly practicing good oral hygiene. Simple ways you can treat white tongue include: Drinking more water, up to eight glasses a day. Brushing your teeth using a soft toothbrush

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