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TL;DR: I lost about 20 pounds in quarantine (50+ pounds over the course of several years) and thanks to this sub, I've transitioned to a maintenance/body recomp process in recent months. I've always struggled with weight fluctuations and regaining, and the recomp strategies I learned here have helped so much, both physically and mentally I can imagine that if you ate at maintenance and aimed for about .8 to 1 x your body weight in grams of protein you would see some recomp. Also, I hear r/keto can be pretty good for recomp if you're high in body fat Recomp or maintenance. nsfw. Close. Vote. Posted by 5 minutes ago. Recomp or maintenance. nsfw. You should run a 6-8 week cycle depending on how you feel, at 12.5-15mgs once a day. You can always start low at the 10mg mark and raise if you are feeling good to the 12.5-15mg or even 20mg mark depending on your size already and how you respond.

I'm training and body recomp/cutting since march ( 1st picture), but i'm getting tired of being in calorie deficit. Should I continue cutting until i lose all the fat remaining on my belly or slowly going to maintenance and then bulk You will probably recover better and make some strength gains. You could also consider shooting for a overall weekly maintenance goal and have some days at a deficit and some days at a small surplus. I'm about 4 months into a recomp right now and I'm making slow but steady progress. But I'm a dude and I also got a quick jolt from starting creatine If you are 20-24% body fat, you may still want to be in a slight deficit to optimise fat loss during your recomp phase. Start with a 100-250 calorie deficit and go from there. If you are <20% body fat to very lean, you may actually want to be in a slight surplus to recomp optimally. Start with 100-250 extra calories and go from there Finally, remember that you can never truly stay the same. You're always gaining or losing fat. You're always gaining or losing muscle. And if you're not trying hard enough to make progress, you'll probably backslide, at least a little bit. A good recomp program can limit the damage, but it won't freeze your body in place Hey guys, So I am currently 3 weeks into a 12 week SARM recomp cycle with Osta, GW and S4 (only 4 weeks worth of S4 left though). I have LGD on hand which I was planning on saving for a future bulk alongside RAD. Buuut I am so very tempted to use it now, which would mean running just RAD-140 or just LGD on my upcoming bulk. So what do you guys think about the following options: 1

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  2. Originally Posted by xprince23x. Yes. This is how Noob Gains work. Beginners can lose fat and gain muscle, while eating at maintenance. This works up until the point that their workout intensity becomes too great for them to continue progress on a maintenance intake
  3. The recomp diet will follow a calorie cycling approach: you'll eat in a surplus on training days and in a deficit on rest days while keeping your weekly average calorie intake at maintenance. Despite what the internet tells you, there's nothing magic about cycling your calories
  4. Body recomposition is the process of building muscle and losing fat at the same time. Say, for example, we take an average skinny fat beginner (5'10, 170 pounds, and 22% body fat) and put him on a recomp protocol:. Over the months, if his body weight stays roughly the same, but his body fat percentage goes down, and he gains muscle and strength, he would have successfully done a recomp
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  6. A body recomp shouldn't take you as long as a diet or a bulk because you're already fairly lean but just need to 'tighten up' a bit. 6-12 week's is a good timeframe to accomplish this in. How to tell when you should stop Recomping? You'll have stripped off the little bit of fat you were holding around the midsection
  7. Recomp is simply eating at (or around) maintenance calories while training. You can gradually reduce fat and add muscle. It's the alternative to bulk/cut cycles. It can be as simple as just eating at maintenance and training - your physique will change over time to reflect your performance

If you are not planning to cut, maintenance can be forever. If you do plan to start another cut, generally maintenance should be 60-100% the length of the previous diet in most cases. If chronic dieting has been an issue, a longer maintenance is probably worthwhile. If you are losing on maintenance and having to add calories back faster than. - Recomp goal by end of May: if I stay the same weight that's fine as long as I'm putting on muscle and losing fat. Long-term goal is to be a lean 175 but for now I just want to look good with my shirt off. Cals will be around maintenance, will adjust carbs as needed Recomp. Because of the muscle memory effect, you will be able to build muscle very quickly, making it quite simple to see simultaneous muscle gain and fat loss. Whether you should enter a caloric surplus, caloric deficit or eat maintenance calories depends on your current bodyfat level, how long your break was and a few other factors This maintenance calorie calculator allows you to calculate how many calories your body needs to maintain your current weight. If you want to know how to distribute these calories healthily throughout your diet, check out our carb, protein and fat intake calculators.. In the article below, you will find information on how to calculate maintenance calories, what your daily calorie intake should.

Get The Ultimate Guide to Body Recomposition!‣ https://www.jeffnippard.com/product/the-ultimate-guide-to-body-recomposition/More info on the nutrition guide:.. Eating at maintenance for a week or two can help upregulate your hormones. More Food; Let's face it: dieting sucks but is a necessary evil. Eating more food during the maintenance phase will allow you to eat the foods you couldn't during the first fat loss phase, and get your mind right so you can smash the second phase of your diet

You can do a recomp diet. A slight deficit on rest days and a slight surplus past the added calorie need of your training session on work days. It's slower for both but overall can average out in total time vs combined bulking and cutting cycles When you diet back down, you will retain these myonuclei, which will be useful in maintaining muscle mass and improving body composition. Unfortunately, fat cells can grow as well, and they can also undergo hyperplasia (if you want to read up on the science, please read HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE) 10 Vital Home Maintenance Tasks You'll Regret If You Forget. You probably already have a home maintenance checklist: Replace the furnace filter each season, shut off water spigots before winter, clean the gutters, etc. That's a good start, but there are jobs that homeowners often forget about, or don't even know about Well, there are two options available: Option 1 - Go on a bulk to focus on building muscle and putting on more size first. And then focus on losing weight to strip off the excess fat. Option 2 - Do the reverse. So focus on leaning down by stripping off the excess fat first. And then focus on building muscle afterwards There are three different ways you can take Ostarine depending on your goals: Bulking Dosage - 20mg+ per day. An ostarine bulking cycle is about gaining muscle mass of approximately six to eight pounds. It lasts for six to eight weeks and you must take 20 mg per day. At this rate, you should not need post-cycle therapy

So you might be losing weight, but it's the wrong kind! Not to mention, it's not sustainable. Therefore, when you're in this situation, the best thing you can do is immediately bump up your calories to match your BMR. Each week after that, you can increase your daily calorie intake by 100-200 as part of your reverse diet ramp-up How to set the macronutrients. The calorie difference between rest days and training should come from carbs. Protein is kept the same every day at 1g per pound of BW (2.2g per kg) and fats at 25% of maintenance calories. Example for a 180lbs male (80kg) Rest Days 2400 calories - 180g protein, 75g fat, 250g carbs Hi to all, after some research, I found for a recomp the SARM stack Rad-140+Ostarine+Cardarine. Can someone help me to write an ideal dosage, timing, on cycle products and PTC products ? Thank you 6 Months Recomp (Progress) I've noticed there is a lot of debate in this subreddit about the effectiveness of recomps relative to bulk/cut, so I thought I would show what a 6 month recomp on PPL looks like. Pictures below are some of my recomp results after 6 months of working very hard. I'd also like to get some feedback on where to go from here

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