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Forum index » Contribute! » eggcorn upon eggcorn #1 2015-12-22 15:40:17. Dixon Wragg Eggcornista From: Cotati, California Registered: 2008-07-04 Posts: 1375. eggcorn upon eggcorn. I just had a great laugh from the Facebook group Eggcorn Hunt Club To look for previous entries, one might click on Eggcorn Database in the menu above. Your new eggcorn, as well as the acorn from which it was born, should be entered in each of the search slots on that page. That is in order to search both this forum, and the haloed ground of the Database Registrations are currently closed because of a technical problem. Please send email to if you wish to register.. The forum administrator reserves the right to request users to plausibly demonstrate that they are real people with an interest in the topic of eggcorns To re-ashore : from the Eggcorn Hunt Club. We have the classic eggcorn sure up for shore up in a post from 2006. A kind of round tripper, if not a kitty in the third corner, for assured, was entered on the fb Eggcorn Hunt Club. All ashore that's going ashore. I would have thought it a natural to folk in Texas or southern Alberta, but.

Re: repelling against for rebelling against. This one seems pretty eggcornish to me as there is a clear image in place. Odd, though, that people wouldn't know the word rebel (in either its verb or noun forms). And linguistically, rebel against almost seems the equivalent of a double negative, as to repel means to push. I was reading something online, and I came across the phrase zapped of energy.I stopped to consider if this were a novel use of zap.I concluded it was an eggcorn for which the author intended sapped of energy.A quick Google search indicates that this eggcorn is widespread: sapped of energy 268,000 (Google books, 6,250); zapped of energy 124,000 (Google books, 132) Discussion Forum Topics Eggcorn: Nip that in the butt. The forums are currently locked and only available for read only access. Topic RSS. Eggcorn: Nip that in the butt. 2012/05/09 1:58pm. Glenn. Forum Posts: 1719. Member Since: 2009/03/03. Offline. 1. Granted, it was spoken. But it was very clear, and repeated

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I see that this has been discussed (several times) at the Eggcorn Forum, but is not included in the Eggcorn Database. There appears to be no consensus that this is an eggcorn. Cnilep 17:11, 7 January 2010 (UTC) Butt naked instead of buck naked überRegenbogen 07:16, 22 February 2010 (UTC) This was removed from the page in the past An eggcorn is a word or phrase that results from a mishearing or misinterpretation of another, an element of the original being substituted for one that sounds very similar or identical (e.g. tow the line instead of toe the line ). I didnt mean to type acorn but that's where eggcorn comes fro eggcorn: a misheard or misunderstood phrase that an interlocutor transforms into a new word or phrase. eggcorn: a word or phrase that a person wrongly thinks is another word or phrase that sounds similar, for example eggcorn instead of acorn. A The submitter offered no sourcing or analysis, which is why I moved it here. A discussion has begun at The Eggcorn Forum. Cnilep 16:50, 22 February 2009 (UTC) hone in instead of home in; This one is on the page, and has been for quite some time. I note, however, that the sources cited for it are somewhat equivocal @eggcorn said in Crypto Payments in Vivaldi:. Make it so that you can make it so you use Bitcoin or Ether for online shopping, same as you can use Dollars or Euros. This is the eventual goal, but at first I think it would be send crypto payments to a certain address

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This topic is particularly necessary to clarify the relatively new topic of eggcorns. This is totally original research and thus unsuited for inclusion in the article, but for over 40 years it's given me the occasional chuckle. I was going to help a friend drive from Minneapolis to D.C. He was entering the Army, and I was going to catch the D. @eggcorn Yeah, the Otter Browser developer, an old-time hard-core Opera fan, started working on Otter maybe a year to six months before Vivaldi development was underway, and by the time the first Technical Preview of Vivaldi was released 28 Jan 2015, he'd already been at it for two years or better

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An entertaining final note: back in November 2005 on the Eggcorn Forum, Ken Lakritz noted cow toe as a variant spelling of kowtow. He suggested that showing deference by kissing someone's toe might be involved in this version -- but it could be based on a mispronunciation of written {kowtow} (or {cow-tow}), based on the fact that {tow} can be. last edited by. 5 days ago. @dude99 said in Attention: Google Chrome is now the new IE6!: Instead, now they are getting serious about innovating new stuff** that make Edge better than GC by the day. No they're not, Edge doesn't even have a menu bar! It's better then Chrome anyway. But as far as innovation goes, it's not even up to what browsers. The two words confused are too dissimilar in sound, not like eggcorn itself (for acorn) or old timer's disease or lack toast intolerant. #2 Author Martin--cal (272273) 14 Apr 14, 19:26; Comment: Thanks for the responses. You can search the forum without needing to register..

Forum home German missing eggcorn. 1 Reply. Subject eggcorn; Context/ examples: n reality it was the dark god QWERTY sending out his evil eggcorn henchmen. Comment: What is an eggcorn? I couldn't find that word in any dictionary I have. The example I quoted is from a signature I came across recently. I've also seen the word used many times in. What is an eggcorn - trivia question /questions answer / answers. The term eggcorn was coined by Geoffrey Pollum, a Scottish linguist and professor of General Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh when discussing with his American colleague Mark Lieberman on a blog for linguists

Definition of Eggcorn from our glossary of English linguistic and grammatical terms containing explanations and cross-references to other relevant English grammar terms But eggcorn -- like classical malapropism, syntactic blend, and other labels, some of which I'll soon talk about in this forum -- is the name of a mental phenomenon; you have to know what someone intended, not just what they did laissez-faire (a policy of government non-intervention, from the French meaning allow to do [something]) has been misspelled so many times in so many different ways (the eggcorn lazy fair is common) on the official forum for the 4X game Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun that one member maintains a list of spellings he's seen Today's Word column deals with readers' eggcorn favorites, but the harvest was too abundant to be contained in that small space. Here are more contributions (some in edited form) from the current e-mail crop: Margaret Menamin: I have encountered the confusion of hearken and hark, gauntlet and gantlet.I once knew a judge who referred to bodyhouses instead of bawdyhouses, and that certainly.

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