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  1. In the United States, it is illegal for a mobile phone company to change your telephone number without telling you. There are three different types of SIM cards: micro-SIM, nano-SIM, and standard or full-size SIM. When changing sim cards does not affect my existing iPhone
  2. Try Forcing Your Contacts to Rebuild Step 1. Open any random contact on your iDevice. Make some edits to the information (like adding a fax number or home phone number—even if it's a fake number) and save
  3. g) always changes my Mom's name to Mom Ricky with Ricky as her last name
  4. Several users report that the iMessage app keeps showing their old phone number after they changed or ported their phone number. Changing your iPhone's phone number; I created a new contact with the proper name of phone number hoping to see the contact name show the right one in iMessage this time no result
  5. To edit the details for an existing contact in your iPhone address book: Tap the Phone app to open it and tap the Contacts icon or launch the Contacts app from the home screen. Browse your contacts or enter a name in the search bar at the top of the screen. If you don't see the search bar, pull down from the middle of the screen
  6. Step 1 Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud >Turn the Contacts toggle off. Step 2 It will ask you to delete or keep previously synced contacts. Choose Delete from My iPhone. Don't worry you won't losing anything, your contacts are still in iCloud
  7. Next, press the tray of the new iPhone back in, securing both the tray and the SIM card. There should be a little click when it is back in place. Now, you can power on your new iPhone. The phone number of the previous one should work for the new one. You'll also notice that any other information you had stored on the card will be accessible.
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Go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts. Tap the account that has contacts that you want to add or remove. To add contacts, turn on Contacts. To remove contacts, turn off Contacts, then tap Delete from My iPhone Restart the iPhone Be warned, however, that changing the phone number listed in Settings may not achieve the effect you are looking for. When you change the number in the Phone app, this doesn't.. Tap your new phone number. As long as your phone number is already connected to your iPhone, it will appear in this list. If you don't see your new phone number, return to the Settings menu and tap Phone. If your new phone number doesn't appear next to My Number, tap this field to update the phone number now

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Part 1. 5 Quick Solutions to Bring Back Disappeared iPhone Contacts. We start our search by looking at the Apple discussions board to see if anyone else had this problem and have found there are different solutions for iPhone contacts disappeared. Try any of the following methods to see if it works for you When I switched contact syncing to OFF on the phone it asked me what I wanted to do with the previously synced iCloud contacts on the phone. I selected Delete from My iPhone, which seems to suggest it's deleting all iCloud and Phone contacts before it stops syncing (before changing the setting to OFF) To turn on your phone number, select it and your Apple ID in the list. If you can't see your phone number, get help with your settings or contact Apple Support. If you see a number that isn't yours, change your Apple ID password. To turn off your phone number, deselect it in the list

Step 1. Open Control Center on your old iPhone and enable AirDrop. Do the same on your new iPhone as well. Step 2. Open the Contacts app on your old iPhone, select the contacts you want to transfer, and hit the Share option > Select your new iPhone's name and your contacts will begin to transfer to your new iPhone Tap on iCloud. Then scroll down and switch OFF Contacts. It will say Keep on my iPhone or Delete from my iPhone, simply choose Delete from my iPhone. Next step is to re-enable the Contacts to ON here.If it says Merge contacts, Confirm and proceed. Restart your phone and try. 3. Fix Contact Search Not Working in iOS 12/11/10 With Tenorshare ReiBoo In the Phone app, choose the person from your contacts list and tap Edit, then swipe down and tap Ringtone.; To change a contact's vibration setting, go to the Ringtone screen, then tap Vibration.; Before you can assign unique ringtones to contacts, you'll need contacts added to your address book and a few ringtones

Steps Download Article. Open your iPhone's Settings. The icon looks like a set of grey gears located on one the home screens. If Settings isn't present on a home screen, its icon may be located in the Utilities folder on one the home screens. Scroll down and tap Contacts. It is located in the fifth set of menu options. Tap Sort Order Sep You may want to do this because your iOS device may not recognize it. Here is how you can change a contact name and number:. Enter your current code, then scroll to Change Passcode. If autofill keeps entering your maiden name , for example, you need to change it on . This will ensure your old number is removed from their records My friend has an iPhone. She bought it brand new. - which is to say, she's the original owner. Her main contact info in the Contacts app keeps Question: Q: me card in contacts keeps changing. On my device, the Settings/iCloud account is the 2nd. And I sync the contacts from the sled iCloud account. Whenever I change the myCard / or Info in one location under one account it changes the other account also, even thought they are separate accounts..

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Just delete the message threads from the contacts that say number changed to primary. That message goes away and it didn't come back for me! Go to Settings > Phone > My Number. Mine had a +1(country code for the USA) before the area code. I removed that country code so now my number only shows up as a nine-digit number If the phone number next to which your iPhone shows maybe is not a part of your contacts already, you may want to add it to your contacts and see if it fixes the issue for you. Open the message thread on your iPhone, tap on the phone number followed by i sign, and then tap on Create New Contact

4. iPhone Contacts Not Syncing with iCloud Problem. Your iPhone contacts can also sometimes fail to sync with iCloud which is a problem when you want to keep your contacts safe. If you experience this problem, here's how you can fix it. Solution 1: Turn off Contacts and then Turn It Back o 1 Answer1. A single contact entry in your iPhone may have one or more email address, phone number or both listed. People using iPhone are logged in with their Apple ID which requires an email address to create. The phone number of the iPhone gets linked to the Apple ID. However, Apple ID can be used to into Mac or an iPad as well Tip 3. Turn Contacts Off/On on iCloud. iPhone contacts name missing may be caused by a syncing issue of contacts between iPhone and iCloud. So, if you didn't find the above method of assistance, try to disable contacts on iCloud and enable it again. The steps are as follows. Step 1 Go to Settings > Apple ID > iCloud >Turn the Contacts toggle off To change your number on WhatsApp (and inform all your contacts), you need to make sure your new phone number is receiving SMS or calls, and has a data connection. You also need to check that your old phone number is verified in Whatsapp. First, insert your SIM card, then look under Menu > Settings > Profile In this example you can see I've accidentally added the same friend two times, each with the same number and identifying information. To correct this, just click into one of the contacts (if the data is identical, don't worry about which one gets tossed by the wayside), and click the Edit button in the top right hand corner

When it asks if you want to keep existing local contacts, press Keep on My iPad or iPhone. Make sure your default contact location is Office 365. Open settings and press the Contacts section; Press Default Account (if the account is set to anything besides Exchange) Press Exchange and hit the contacts option in the upper left scree Head over to the iCloud website and log-in to your account. Click on Find iPhone on the following screen. Click on All Devices at the top and choose your iPhone. Select the Erase iPhone option to erase your device. That should fix the issue that phone contacts linked to another iPhone for you. Part 3

If you can see another number which contains a checkmark on it, simply tap on the number. The checkmark will be removed and free from the existing email address on your iPhone. Go to your iPhone's Settings. Tap on Messages and select the Receive at option. Tap the caller ID and select your phone number. Turn off iMessage T-Mobile will contact your old carrier to transfer your number. In the meantime, keep your current phone and account information until your number is fully activated on T-Mobile's network. T-Mobile number transfers are usually completed between 10 minutes and 24 hours i dont have my contacts backed up anywhere and the contact was only apart of my hotmail group. isnt it strange that it only happened with this one persons name and not more? i changed their name a few months ago.. why would it change back to the initials i had originally saved them a This can be changed at any time, so if your contact card changes or you give the iPhone to your partner or child, it's easy to keep everything else the same if need be and just change the contact details. You can also change the address, name, and other information at anytime by going through the 'Contacts' app as described in the first. How to Change the Default Fields for iPhone Contacts. You can select the default fields for displaying a contact's information when creating a new contact on your iPhone. You can select a phone number type, such as Mobile or Home, for a contact. You can also select the type of email address, when included. However,.

Finding duplicate contacts gets much more difficult the larger the number of Contacts on your iPhone. However, before things get too difficult, you should consider a third-party solution Those who have upgraded to iOS8 may also notice that the option to use their phone number to send iMessages doesn't appear to be available. In Settings, the phone number is listed but you cannot select it because it is greyed out. This means that all iMessages would be sent only by email or iCloud ID The iPhone gives you different ways to save contact information from the Phone app: Tap Contacts, then tap the + button in the top-right corner. Tap Recents, then tap the Info button next to the desired number. From here, you can create a new contact or add the number to an existing contact. Tap Keypad, enter a phone number, then tap Add Number Sticky Note: You can also choose Delete from the iPhone to wipe out all the previously synced contacts and trust the iCloud to bring all the contacts back without any glitch. But I would recommend you to choose Keep on My iPhone just to play a bit safe. As iCloud does offer the option to merge the iCloud contacts with the ones that exist on the device, Keep on My iPhone. Unblock a number in your contacts. 1. Open the green-and-white Phone app on your screen and navigate to the Contacts tab. 2. Find the particular contact you're looking for and open it. 3. Scroll.

Phone is an AT&T Samsung J737A (2018), running Android 9 I've got 36 contacts in the phone. The phone will be going another family member, and their phone number will be assigned to the. Step 3: Now hit 'Add Account' and select 'Google'. Step 4: Enter the credentials and click 'Next' button. Step 5: Press the 'Save' option when your account is authorized. Then, enable the 'Contacts' option in the list to sync the iPhone contacts with Gmail and finally hit the 'Save' option. The above instructions assist. On iOS, just go to the Phone app, then your Recents, tap the blue information icon to the right of the number you want to block, and select Block this Caller.. For Android, the process isn. in my contacts at the top it says someone else name how do I change that. To set the My Info card: *Tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen. *Scroll down and tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars in the left pane. *Scroll down and tap My Info under Contacts. (By Tapping My Info

On an iPhone, open the text message you received. Tap the phone number at the top of the screen and then tap the Info button. At the Details screen, tap the phone number and then select the option. This will sync all the contacts from your iPhone to your iCloud account. Use a browser on your computer and head over to the iCloud website. Log into your iCloud account. Click the option that says Contacts to view your iPhone contacts. On the following screen, click the cog icon at the lower-left corner and choose Select All

This versatile app is a perfect iPhone contact manager that not only keeps your contacts intact, but also allows managing photos, videos, apps and other content. Using the software, you can add, delete, edit and merge the contacts of your iPhone on your PC. The app also allows importing contacts from PC and Outlook to iPhone Steps to change WhatsApp phone number without losing chats. Before beginning with the changing number process, insert the SIM card with the new phone number into your phone and make sure that it.

On an iPhone, open the text from the number you wish to block and tap on the sender's number. Click on the info (i) icon. Under the Details screen, click on the phone number, choose Block this. Add more contact info. Filling out contact information beyond a person's name, email, and phone number might seem like overkill, but doing so can make Siri a more powerful tool when it comes to. Answer 1 of 27: I'm soon travelling to Russia, and on advice will be buying a local SIM when i get there to use in my iPhone. (I plan on putting my existing SIM in a old non-smart phone, just for emergency incoming calls and text messages etc). What.. Under Contact info, tap Phone. From here you can: Add a phone number: Under Your phone numbers, select Add recovery phone. (We recommend that you add a recovery phone number if you haven't already.) Change your phone number: Next to your number, select Edit phone number Update number. Follow the instructions The feature is located in WhatsApp Settings > Account > Change number. while switching from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, But if you want to keep your existing chat history intact, you.

Good to know: When you change numbers, your voicemail changes too. We can't transfer your messages, so be sure to write down any important messages before you switch. Here's how to make the change on myAT&T: Go to Mobile number change. Scroll to and choose the device you want to change the number for. Follow the prompts to get a new number Why do my iPhone contacts keep changing? It turns out the issue isn't with iCloud, it's with a new default in iOS 7.1. 2. The update causes your iOS device to switch your contacts back to the On My iPhone group. To fix the issue, simply switch your contacts group back to iCloud in settings The procedure to change the number using the desktop app is quite easy. 1. Launch the Telegram desktop app on your PC. 2. After that, click on the three-line icon at the top left of the screen. 3. Now click on Settings. 4. Click on the Edit profile option from the various options available Step 1. Make sure the Contacts option under iCloud is enabled on your iPhone. Step 2. Go to visit iCloud.com on your computer, sign in with the Apple ID you use on the iPhone, and choose Contacts among the options. Step 3. Select the contacts you want to transfer to the Android phone and click the gear icon Download Hushed - 2nd Phone Number and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎**** FREE TO DOWNLOAD and GET A FREE 3-DAY TRIAL NUMBER **** Hushed is the best private phone number app for any occasion! When you need a different number to call and text with, Hushed lets you get local numbers from over 300 areas codes in the US, Canada.

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About changing phones - You can either move to the same type of phone, such as Android to Android, or move to a different type of phone, such as iPhone to Android. Move to the same type of phone If you're moving to the same type of phone, you might have an option to transfer your chat history. Learn more about transferring your chat history on Android or iPhone. Move to a different type of. Changing Your Phone Number Via the Website. Visit verizon.com, and then sign in. Click on Devices on the dashboard. Now, click on device overview, and then select the device whose phone number you want to change. Then, keep scrolling down and click on manage. Keep in mind that only the managers or the full account holders are allowed to modify. Next, tap on the 'phone number' option displayed on the app screen. You should now see that a dialog box titled 'verify phone number' has appeared on the app screen. You should also see the old phone number whose last few digits are being displayed there. What you need to do now is tap on the 'send code' option

Tap Account Security. Tap Phone. Tap Change Mobile. Your current phone number and country will appear. Tap your phone number. Enter your new phone number. Tap OK. WeChat will send a verification code to the phone number you entered. Enter the verification code If you're changing your phone number and using the same phone, first insert the new SIM card with the new phone number into your phone. Open WhatsApp. Tap More options > Settings > Account > Change number > NEXT. Enter your old phone number in the first field and your new phone number in the second field, both in full international format Sticky note: Just in case, the phone number you want to remove is set on the iPhone that is currently not accessible to you, change the password of your Apple ID. It will get rid of the phone number from all of your synced iDevices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Step #2. Power down and wait: Usually, people jump to step #3 from here and it works

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Tap Account. Tap Change Number. Tap Next on the top right of your screen. Enter your old number where it says old phone number. Enter your new number where it says new phone number. Tap Done. Once your phone number is verified, all of your old WhatsApp data will migrate to your new account. You'll just have to make sure that all of your. Issues with changing number and messaging on IPhone 11. iOS. I changed my number today because I was getting what seemed like a lot of regular telemarketing calls. What a nightmare. Now my iMessage is all screwed up. I keep getting messages saying the message failed...but then the recipient does actually get it like 3 times.. Part 1. Fix the Problem of iPhone Contacts Not Syncing 1. Contacts don't automatically sync on iPhone. In order for your contacts to automatically sync between devices they all need to be connected to the same iCloud account. To activate this option on your iPhone (iPhone 7) go to Settings > iCloud and make sure that Contacts is checked. 2

Step 1: Navigate to the settings of your iPhone or iPad. Step 2: While the settings window appears, scroll down and tap on Phone to launch the Phone settings. Step 3: Further, tap on the Call Blocking & identification to open your blocked contacts. Step 4: Scroll and find the number you want to unblock from the Blocked Contact list Good afternoon, Something weird has been happening for a while now and I'm finally asking for help (lol). When I signed up with Public Mobile they provided a temporary phone number for me to use. I went through the process and changed my number (including getting help from the Moderator Team) to.. I am extremely frustrated and upset with the web site.We started out with DirecTV and my Verizon Mobile was the contact phone number. I think we added Internet next and my Verizon Phone was *STI.. How to create relationships for contacts on iPhone manually. When Siri does get confused by multiple relationships, it is possible to manually add in the correct data in your Contact card so that Siri can make use of it. Open the Contacts app. Tap on your contact card. Choose the Edit button in the top right corner Safari on iPhone automatically creates links for strings of digits that appear to the telephone numbers. I am writing a web page containing an IP address, and Safari is turning that into a phone number link. Is it possible to disable this behavior for a whole page or an element on a page

Step 2: From the device entry, click on the icon representing your device. Step 3: From the settings on the left panel, click on Info.. Step 4: Tick on the checkbox with Sync Contacts with Outlook option and click on the Apply option at the bottom. The syncing of Outlook contacts to your iPhone is now complete with the aid of. There is no way to change this on an iPhone, it has to be done on another phone. My contract iPhone doesn't display any number, as there is no My Number entry saved under my numbers on the SIM. I did however try adding one with an old Nokia 8850, and when I put the SIM back in the iPhone, the number was there Hello! I had a question about the purchasing process when changing my broken prepaid device, to a new prepaid device. I would like to keep my same number, but when purchasing the new phone on line, it requires me to select either I want a new number or Transfer number from another carrier.I'm trying to figure out which one I should click Whatever the reason, you've probably got multiple contacts of the same person that don't need to be on your iPhone. Let's merge those contacts with the methods below. Method #1: Manually Merge Contacts on Your iPhone. Just like deleting a contact, Apple has a second-rate way of merging contacts natively on your iPhone

How to Remove Emergency Contacts on iPhone. To remove emergency contacts on iPhone, follow these: 1. Open the Health app from your iPhone's Home screen. 2. Once you are on the Health app page, tap on the Medical ID tab. 3. From the Medical ID tab, tap on the Edit button located in the upper-right part of the screen. 4 You can also change your number or email address by pressing on them in this menu. This can be handy if you have an email address that only a certain contact can reach you on, for example

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Contact the new company to start the process of porting your number. If you are moving to a new geographic area, you may not be able to keep your current phone number when changing providers. Also, some rural wireline service providers may obtain waivers for the porting requirement from state authorities. Their customers may be unable to. How to change your phone number on Signal on iPhone. 1. Open the Signal app on your iPhone. 2. Leave any groups you are a member of so that people don't continue to send messages to your old phone. Step 3: Tap on Groups in the top left corner. Step 4: Deselect the All iCloud option. Step 5: Now tap on All [iPhone name] to select it. Step 6: Tap on Done in the top right corner to save the settings. In the contacts list, you will now see a list of all the contacts saved on your iPhone. Find the ones that are missing and add them to your contacts 1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 2. On the Settings Screen, scroll down and tap on Contacts. 3. On the Contacts screen, tap on the My Info tab (See image below) 4. On the next screen, select the Contact that you had created for yourself. From now on whenever you open the Contacts app on your iPhone you will see your Contact card at the. iPhone. Description. Get a free Phoner number & add a new second phone number for texting & calling. Phoner supports text & international voice calls. Multiple burner numbers for life. + Phoner app is the best second phone number app for texting and calling. Phoner gives you a personal and business second phone number, integrated reverse phone.

Delete WhatsApp. 3. Change to the new phone number. 4. Restore from iTunes backup. 5. When you select restore from iTunes, all of your iPhone data will replaced by iTunes backup, including with contacts, Photos and more. 6. Now, all of WhatsApp data will be retained in your phone above Your iPhone is not your friend when you want to copy off all your contacts, but there are ways to get that data from iOS and into the more universal comma separated values format If you've changed network and you've got a new phone or SIM card, you might be asking yourself Can I keep my mobile number if I change provider? It's a fair question. Your old mobile number is the one that all your friends and family know, after all. Luckily, it's quick and easy to transfer it to the new network you've just joined

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On the dropdown menu, choose My Profile. On the left side choose the Contact Info tab. Select the phone number you want to change then click Remove. There's no direct way to edit a number. You. Your iPhone doesn't care if you're blocking an ex-boyfriend, a spam caller, your crazy aunt, or any other phone number; it will dutifully shut that contact out of your life. At least in terms of. Case 1: iPhone Keeps Rebooting and Can Enter Operation Interface. Solution 1: Update Apps to the Latest Version. When the iPhone keeps crashing and restarting, the apps could be the problem. Hence, updating apps to the latest version might be able to solve it. 1. Open the App Store. 2. Tap Updates section in the bottom left corner of the iPhone. 3 To keep your mobile number and transfer it to another network, you need to request what's called a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from your old provider and then let your new provider know the code

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WhatsApp prides itself as being a secure environment to chat and call your contacts individually or within a group. As a security feature, the app notifies your contacts when your number changes or when your security code changes. Therefore, you c.. Tap Contacts or Photos. Turn on Gmail. You can always revoke or change these settings by going back to your device's Settings app. Gmail would like to access When you add contacts or photos from your device to a message for the first time, you'll see this prompt. By tapping OK, you'll allow Gmail to

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Select the phone number you wish to change. Select one of the following options: I need a new phone number in the same area. I need a different area code for this phone. I am moving and need to change my phone number and billing address. Select Next. To keep your current area code and change your phone number: Select I need a new phone number. Sync contacts from iPhone to Mac with iCloud. One of the easiest ways to sync contacts from your iPhone to your Mac is by using iCloud. The best part of iCloud is that not only will it make sure all your data is correct, but it also keeps updating your address book as you add new contacts or edit existing ones For the solutions we offer to keep your Contacts safe in the future, see the section below. How to avoid losing iPhone contacts in the future . To avoid losing iPhone contacts again, make sure to regularly back them up. There are numerous methods for doing so. You can back up your entire iPhone or choose to back up contacts only Step 2: In the corner, tap Edit button. Step 3: Tap the minus button (-). It's going to be in red color beside the favorite contact. Doing so will allow you to remove favorite contact from iPhone. Step 4: Next, tap the Delete button that shows up to remove the contact from the list of favorites. Step 5: Repeat for as many contacts.

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Open the Contacts App on your iPhone and tap on the Groups option located at the top left corner of your screen. On the Groups screen, make sure all Contact Groups are selected, if not tap on Show All Contacts. This will make WhatsApp show all the Contacts, including those in the Hidden Contact Group. 4. Add Phone Number in Full International. CamCard is the best contact app for iPhone for its ability to easily transform paper cards into digital contacts. Just point your iPhone camera at a business card and snap a photo. The app's OCR. Answer 11 of 27: I'm soon travelling to Russia, and on advice will be buying a local SIM when i get there to use in my iPhone. (I plan on putting my existing SIM in a old non-smart phone, just for emergency incoming calls and text messages etc). What..