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Search all of Reddit. Log In Vote. Posted by. 6 minutes ago [Skin Concern] Selsun 1% vs Nizoral 1% (tinea versicolor) Skin Concerns. I have dealt with dark pigmentation around my neck and between my chest for years now. Thanks to the helpful posts on this subreddit, I think I may have found a solution. I want to try Selsun Blue or Nizoral. It also helps me if I use regular shampoo from time to time, like once or twice a week. It's the best routine I've found. Sometimes the Nizoral will stop being as effective, but then I switch to T-Gel or extra strength Selsun Blue until the bottle is gone, then I can switch back to Nizoral 3 years ago. I don't have dandruff problems, but I have heard that if you ever get that feeling to itch your head, use the pads of your fingers to scratch it and not your nails. 1. level 1. Poppa_butter_lettuce. 3 years ago. Selsun blue shampoo. Specifically the high strength medicated version. 1 Have someone apply - or get a cheap back brush from the drugstore - selsun blue. At least once a day, let it sit for 20 minutes or so. Wash it with selsun blue every time you shower. Forever. Let it hang out while you clean your face, hair, the rest of your body. Basically, apply it whenever you can. Shower every day There I found Nizoral. It's the closest to a prescription strength dandruff shampoo that's sold over-the counter. It's a fan favorite on the website and has a great reviews on Amazon. The main active ingredient in it is ketoconazole, which is an anti-fungal medication because dandruff is a fungus, in case you didn't know

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  1. One Redditor shared before-and-after photos of her sister, who used a combination of Cosrx's Salicylic Acid Daily Gentle Cleanser and Selsun Blue dandruff shampoo, to treat her fungal acne and saw.
  2. For example, Selsun Blue contains salicylic acid and can effectively rid patches of seborrheic dermatitis on the face as well as scalp. Just dab it on (no need to rub it in) the affected area, leave on for a few seconds, then pat it off with a wet rag or sponge. Do not rub. Use a Q-tip swab to clean up any remaining Selsun Blue (or whatever.
  3. I personally don't see any difference in using T-gel or nizoral. Both will get your scalp in good condition. Both are anti-dandruff and anti-inflammation shampoos. But nizoral has a slight advantage because it has a slight anti-androgenic property. It is very little but it is somthing. It by it self won't grow you any significant hair
  4. This one's a great medicated shampoo that contains 1% ketoconazole as the active ingredient - a clinically proven anti-fungal - that's been proven to kill the fungus that causes dandruff. The result is that it's super effective, even for bad flare-ups (comparable to what you'd get with a prescription shampoo) without being harsh or drying out.
  5. If you have moderate dandruff, Selsun Blue may be right for you. It's is available over the counter with 1% pyrithione zinc or with a prescription increasing the strength to 2.5%. Nizoral. Nizoral is currently the best treatment for chronic dandruff. Not surprisingly, it is also the most expensive. A small bottle can cost over $15
  6. You may have read or were told to use Selsun Blue to treat your Tinea Versicolor. There are several different varieties of Selsun Blue shampoo with different active ingredients. Before you waste money, effort, and time on the wrong formulation, buy the one that works faster and better to clear up your Tinea Versicolor the first time

Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo comes in a navy-blue bottle with a sticker that proclaims that it Controls Flaking, Scaling, and Itching.. It's a favorite on Reddit's dandruff boards, and its active ingredient is ketoconazole, an anti-fungal treatment. (It is an OTC version of what dermatologists would prescribe) Selsun Blue's Medicated Maximum Strength Dandruff Shampoo is a dermatologist favorite — plus, it's under $10, which is always nice. Nizoral's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains ketoconazole. Ketoconazole and selenium sulfide are also used for treating seborrhea (a red, itchy rash) and tinea versicolor, a fungal infection of the skin. Brand names for ketoconazole include Nizoral, Nizoral A-D, Ketodan, Extina, Xolegel, and Kuric. Brand names for selenium sulfide include Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue, SelRx, and Selsun Rx

Selenium sulfide as found in Selsun Blue is an alternative that is helpful. Salicylic acid helps dandruff and is found in Ionil Plus, Scalpicin Scalp Liquid, T/Sal, and Denorex Extra Strength. A product called Nizoral A-D shampoo contains ketoconazole, a medication that attacks the fungus that can contribute to dandruff in some patients Selenium sulfide (found in Selsun Blue) may help reduce the reaction. DM agrees: I am on my third bottle of Selsun Blue. I use it every morning, just a few drops, spread on hands then spread on face and rinse; 30 seconds at most. No more redness. Any pimples that I feel coming on just disappear before erupting Getting rid of seborrheic dermatitis is easier than you think with Selsun Blue. Selsun Blue's active ingredient is one percent selenium sulfide. Selsun Blue is a popular dandruff shampoo, and any similar shampoo with this active ingredient should be just as effective at treating seborrheic dermatitis Selenium sulfide, 1% (Selsun Blue) Yes. X. X. X. X. 5- to 10-minute application daily initially; then twice weekly as needed. $3 per 120 mL bottle. Selenium sulfide, 2.5% (Exsel, Selsun) No. X. X. There's also a lot of chatter about Selsun Blue shampoo helping rosacea, it contains an active which is anti-fungal, not anti-bacterial (remember the bacteria in the rosacea domino train?). So I'd recommend trying the above before these Selsun Blue shampoo (£11.80/325ml) - 1% Selenium Sulfid

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Selsun Blue vs Nizoral Selsun Blue's Medicated Maximum Strength Dandruff Shampoo is a dermatologist favorite — plus, it's under $10, which is always nice. Nizoral's Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains ketoconazole. See also comparisons between Selsun Blue vs Nizoral. A lot of people swear that Selsun Blue is highly effective Selenium sulfide is a chemical compound found within many popular dandruff-fighting shampoos, including Selsun Blue, Head & Shoulders, and Dandrex. Sometimes referred to as selenium disulfide, this compound is used in a variety of over-the-counter and prescription-strength fungal treatments A People's Pharmacy article on Selsun Blue Shampoo and Rosacea got some airing today in the Charlotte Observer.. An anti-dandruff shampoo might offer relief for seborrheic dermatitis like symptoms via controlling p. ovale or others yeasts like Malassezia Globosa.. Personally I would take care with applying selsun blue directly to the face, as is recommended below, to actually wash your face. There are several formulations of Selsun Blue with different active ingredients. This Selsun Blue is the formula that works fastest. You should only need to buy one bottle if you get the right kind. Apply a layer of the Selsun Blue to your rash and leave on for 5-10 minutes. Wash off. You should only need to repeat this a few times The Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is salon-tested. Nizoral contains one-percent of Ketoconozale, which is clinically proven to fight dandruff. This option is safe to use on color-treated and gray hair and is usable on all hair types. The formula can help your hair stay clean, fresh and soft. Amazon

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What is Selsun Blue Balanced Treatment? Selenium sulfide is an antifungal medication. It prevents fungus from growing on your skin. Selsun Blue Balanced Treatment (for the skin) is used to treat dandruff, seborrhea, and tinea versicolor (a fungus that discolors the skin).. Selsun Blue Balanced Treatment may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide Also known as: Exsel, Glo-Sel, Dandrex Selsun Blue Medicated Selsun Blue Normal to Oily SelRx Tersi Foam. Selenium sulfide topical has an average rating of 7.4 out of 10 from a total of 29 ratings for the treatment of Tinea Versicolor. 59% of users who reviewed this medication reported a positive effect, while 14% reported a negative effect To use selenium sulfide for dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp: Before using this medicine, wet the hair and scalp with lukewarm water. Apply enough medicine (1 or 2 teaspoonfuls) to the scalp to work up a lather. Allow the lather to remain on the scalp for 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse. Apply the medicine again and rinse well Dr. Tipu Sultan answered. Specializes in Allergy. Don't know: But good effective choices are Nizoral (ketoconazole) shampoo or clotrimazole topical and there are other OTC antifungals. Send thanks to the doctor. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more Ketoconazole · Nizoral [FONT=]o [/FONT]a fungicide and is used in shampoos to treat dandruff that develops because of a yeast infection of the scalp. Selenium Sulfide. Selsun Blue. works to get rid of the yeast that causes dandruff. Zinc Pyrithione. H ead & Shoulder

Gentle, yet strong enough to kill any dandruff outbreak, Nizoral is one of the most highly trusted anti-dandruff shampoos on the market. It contains 1% ketoconazole, an antifungal that works by preventing fungus growth, and relieves the flaking, scaling, and itching caused by dandruff Nizoral is by far the most well-known ketoconazole shampoo. It's also probably the best because it contains the highest concentration of ketoconazole (2%). You should only use Nizoral 2 or 3 times a week because ketoconazole is a toxic chemical. If you use it too much you may experience mild poisoning

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Yo im from india too. I can relate to you actually.When i had first started to use keto my hair felt very dry and my scalp kinda burned.Then after some checking on the forum i found out that Keto should NOT be used for more than 3 times a week and you scalp will get dry.I was using it everyda This is because the mechanism of the condition (overactive sebum production) is the same, whether it's on your face, back, behind the ears or on the scalp. Dandruff occurs when your scalp is oily, says Dr. Janet Prystowsky, board certified dermatologist in New York, NY, with 30+ years' experience. The excess oil [sebum] becomes. This is the over-the-counter version of my prescription shampoo. It's equipped with the same active ingredient — ketoconazole — but in a smaller dose. It's a big hit within the dandruff community on Reddit, although it is obviously not as effective as its prescription counterpart. I also love that it has an innocuous, barely there scent

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Selsun Blue vs Head & Shoulders vs Nizoral?: uploaded this picture of his son and himself to Reddit he had no idea his little boy would become 'internet famous'. Also known as Hitler Rants or Hitler's 'Downfall', this meme is based on a scene from Der Untergang - a German world war II film showing Hitler's last days in his. Selenium sulfide (Selsun Blue) Ketoconazole (Nizoral A-D) Tar (Neutrogena T/Gel, DHS Tar) Salicylic acid (Neutrogena T/Sal) Use a product daily until your signs and symptoms begin to subside, and then use it one to three times a week as needed. Shampoo that contains tar can discolor light-colored hair, so you may want to use other products Selenium Sulfide. The most well-known version of Selsun Blue is its basic formulation, containing selenium sulfide as the active ingredient 1.Selenium sulfide is an anti-fungal agent which may be helpful in treating the skin yeast infection tinea versicolor, scalp ringworm (tinea capitis) and athlete's foot (tinea pedis) 1.Selenium sulfide also is effective at treating seborrheic dermatitis.

Selsun Blue Botanicals Itchy Dry Scalp Citrus Blast Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. 325 mL (2) Selsun Blue Normal-Oily Hair Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. 300 mL (5) Selsun Blue ACTIV Hydration Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. 300 mL. Mailing Address. Wal-Mart Canada Corp. 1940 Argentia Road Mississauga, ON L5N 1P9 There are several different treatment approaches for getting rid of the tinea versicolor rash. Because the yeast inhabits the top layer of the skin, the epidermis, topical anti-fungal medications tend to be very effective, at least early on or during the first occurrence of the infection. 1 . If the rash is extensive, oral anti-fungal. For a mild case of tinea versicolor, you can apply an over-the-counter antifungal lotion, cream, ointment or shampoo. Most fungal infections respond well to these topical agents, which include: Clotrimazole (Lotrimin AF) cream or lotion. Miconazole (Micaderm) cream. Selenium sulfide (Selsun Blue) 1 percent lotion Stop using selenium sulfide and call your doctor if you have unusual or severe blistering, itching, redness, peeling, dryness, or irritation of treated skin. This is not a complete list of side effects and others may occur. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects. You may report side effects to FDA at 1-800-FDA-1088 Selenium sulfide treats the excess shedding and irritation by eliminating excess scalp fungus and controlling the rate of shedding of dead skin cells. In addition to controlling the symptoms of dandruff, selenium sulfide is also used to treat pityriasis versicolor, a fungal infection of the skin and tinea captis, a fungal infection of the scalp

Fight dandruff outbreaks with Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. This powerful dandruff relief shampoo controls flaking, scaling, and itching caused by dandruff. It combines the effectiveness of ketoconazole 1%, a proven dandruff-fighting ingredient, with salon-tested gentleness I suffered over two month. Then I applied Selsun Blue shampoo for 4 days, and it's gone. Must apply 3 or 4 times in a day and wait to dry; it usually takes an hour. I used Selsun Blue with selenium sulfide 1pecrcent. Thanks Mandy and Sue, for valuable information Related: Selsun Blue vs Nizoral: Which is Better for Dandruff? What to Consider When Choosing. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing. First, we ensure that we review reputable brands. However, some of their products may not live up to their reputation. This may be due to poor ingredient lists or ineffectiveness We may still not understand all of the 10000+ chemicals present in coal tar, it may have been used since biblical times to treat skin conditions, and it may have recently undergone a cancer scare causing the product to briefly disappear from our shelves, but coal tar remains on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, is an FDA approved treatment for seb derm and. Some people benefit from applying dandruff shampoo such as Selsun Blue to the area. Lather, let it stay on the affected zone for five minutes and then rinse. Selenium sulfide, the active.

Selenium sulfide shampoos (Head & Shoulders Intensive, Selsun Blue, others). These contain an antifungal agent. Use these products as directed and rinse well after shampooing, as they can discolor the hair and scalp. Ketoconazole shampoos (Nizoral A-D). This shampoo is intended to kill dandruff-causing fungi that live on your scalp Shampoo for seborrheic dermatitis can help ease symptoms such as dandruff, itchy scalp, and scaly patches. We'll tell you which ingredients to look for, the products that can help, and home. Some sites also recommended using dandruff shampoo like Selsun Blue or Nizoral. I tried out the Nizoral first since it has the most potent ingredient to get rid of fungal acne, ketoconazole. Many sites recommend you to let the shampoo sit on your face for at least 10 minutes, which was what I did

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Warning. Oral route (Tablet) Ketoconazole tablets should only be used when other antifungal therapies are unavailable or not tolerated, and the potential benefits of treatment outweigh its risks. Serious hepatotoxicity, including cases with a fatal outcome or requiring liver transplantation has occurred with the use of oral ketoconazole, even in patients with no obvious risk factors for liver. Selsun Blue vs T Gel shampoos utilize different ingredients. Selsun Blue uses selenium sulfide, which is an anti-dandruff and anti-fungal agent often used to treat serious dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. This substance is safe as long as used with the right dosage. In addition, the shampoo also contains ammonium lauryl sulfate, ammonium How often to use nizoral for hair loss reddit? Main Difference Between Selsun Blue and Head Shoulders The can i use nizoral shampoo everyday difference between Head Shoulders and Selsun is the active ingredient. While the active ingredient in Selsun Blue is selenium sulfide, that of Head Shoulders is pyrithione zinc.Do not share this medicine.

Selsun blue vs Nizoral Reddit. List of minerals in South Africa. Succession of proprietorship into partnership. String comparison Java. Cleaning solution for binoculars. UCLA appeal portal. How Far is Uranus from the Sun in AU. Stihl MS250 carburetor adjustment. Home Health Aide duties checklist template. Catheter infection bacteria Tinea versicolor occurs when Malassezia grows rapidly on the surface of the skin.Doctors aren't sure why this happens. Some factors may promote the growth of this yeast on the skin, including

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  1. Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo comes in a navy-blue bottle with a sticker that proclaims that it Controls Flaking, Scaling, and Itching. It's a favorite on Reddit's dandruff boards, and its active ingredient is ketoconazole, an anti-fungal treatment
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  3. Ketoconazole is an active antimycotic agent that is considered broad spectrum and works to combat both Candida and M. furfur. Of all the dandruff treatments on the market, ketoconazole is the leading agent according to dermatologists. Selsun Blue. Selsun Blue is a Share on Reddit; 7 replies. Rupert B says: April 11, 2016 at 11:22 AM

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The condition often involves a dry, itchy rash on the face, hands, feet, inside of the elbows, and behind the knees. About 5 percent of the U.S. population has seborrheic dermatitis, which is. Best Way To Clear Up Fungus In A Finger Nail How To Use The Nd Yag 1064 For Toe Fungus Selsun Blue To Cure Skin Fungus. Best Treatment For Toenail Fungus Reddit What Is The Best Essential Oil For Nail Fungus Using Clorine To Kill Toe Nail Fungus

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Selenium sulfide, an anti-infective agent, relieves itching and flaking of the scalp and removes the dry, scaly particles that are commonly referred to as dandruff or seborrhea. It is also used to treat tinea versicolor, a fungal infection of the skin. This medication is sometimes prescribed for other uses; ask your doctor or pharmacist for. 1 Selsun Vs Ketoconazole Shampoo For Skin Fungus. Nail Fungus Alpharetta Ga Lamisil For Toenail Fungus Treatment Selsun Blue For Skin Fungus On Dogs. What Is The Term For Condition Of The Nail Caused By Fungus Rubbing Alcohol Foot Fungus Snopes. How To Home Treat Toenail Fungus How To Hide Toenail Fungus Reddit Toe Nail Fungus Treatment. nizoral et perte de cheveux, shampoo nizoral opinioni, nizoral vs selsun blue, shampoo antiforfora nizoral, donde comprar shampoo nizoral mexico, compresse nizoral prezzo 200mg, formicolio nizoral, suola nizoral, propecia per la crescita della barba; propecia avis femme; strattera ti eccita; stroppa ottaw Well I did a quick google search for you, for best anti-dandruff shampoo. And I hate to break it to you, but you already used the two best anti-dandruff shampoos, Nizoral and Selsun Blue, according to top 10 lists, yahoo answers, ratings, etc

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These include Nizoral or Selsun shampoos, applied for about 10 minutes and washed off in the shower. This is repeated once a week. Other topical treatments include 50% propylene glycol in water applied twice daily with a gauze pad for 3 weeks, then twice a week or Lamisil solution, sprayed on the skin surface, for 14 days then weekly or for. Nizoral contains ketoconazole, a potent anti-fungal that's often used in prescription-grade dandruff medications, Dr. Zeichner explains. Selsun Blue contains selenium sulfide, which combats. Tinea versicolor also known as Pityriasis versicolor is a fungal infection of the skin, characterized by rash on the neck, chest, back, and arms. I have tried everything possible and this is the only way I can get rid of it for months at a time. One of the most common and most effective treatments for Tinea Versicolor is applying Selsun Blue shampoo to the affected areas of skin. Always read.

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Related: Selsun Blue or Nizoral: Which is Better? Nexxus Application. If you've used a shampoo or conditioner before, you'll know that it's easy to use. You don't need a manual or extensive instructions to use one properly. To use Nexxus shampoo or conditioner, you need to first wet your hair and apply a few drops to your hand Lets get back to the topic. For topical we have to see, first, the molecular weight of each to see if it will reach the folicle. must be lower than 500 daltons ( g/mol) . Fevipiprant : 426.41 g/mol. Setipiprant : 402.417 g/mol. So, it will go where it should Neutrogena T-Gel vs. T-Sal Shampoo: Comparison Review. When it comes to dandruff, it is one thing that none of us want to deal with. When we do, we look for a quick way to get rid of it. Dandruff can occur from not washing your hair, psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis T Gel vs Head and Shoulders: Pricing. In terms of pricing, T-gel isn't that cheap. Just like Nizoral, they might be very expensive for you, especially if you're on a shoestring budget. Most people levitate towards the Head and Shoulders as a result of this. You'll find this is true even when you compare H&S with other brands of shampoos

The best shampoos I've used are Nizoral (haven't tried its weaker companion, Nizorelle, yet), Dermactive, T-gel and Coal tar. To make the hair loss less obvious, you can do a henna or cassia obovata treatment, to make the hair look thicker and last longer. However- do wash your hair every two days. stick with the selsun blue.. the red label. Selsun Blue 2-in-1 Shampoo Zeichner also recommends Selsun Blue's 2-in-1 shampoo which contains 1 percent selenium sulfide. It's an ingredient that helps lower levels of yeast on the scalp to. They may have zinc pyrithione (Head & Shoulders, Free & Clear), coal tar (Neutrogena T/Gel), salicylic acid (Neutrogena T/Sal), selenium sulfide (Selsun Blue), or ketoconazole (Nizoral). Tea tree. Gohara picks Selsun Blue and ketoconazole shampoo as her top choices. The latter is available in prescription options or over the counter as Nizoral . Chwalek agrees, adding Head & Shoulders. This item: Nizoral Anti-Dandruff Shampoo $14.84 ( $2.12 / 1 Fl Oz) In Stock. Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. FREE Shipping on orders over $25.00. Details. Hair Shampoo Brush, HEETA Scalp Care Hair Brush with Soft Silicone Scalp Massager (Black) $7.98 ( $7.98 / 1 Count) In Stock. Sold by HeetaDirect and ships from Amazon Fulfillment