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However, as the latter name variant was retconned in Majora's Mask 3D, it is not considered Canon. The name Fairy Fountain thus only applies to instances of the Great Fairy Fountain specifically in versions and ports of Majora's Mask for the Nintendo 64, in contrast to Majora's Mask 3D and broader Majora's Mask content Majora's Mask. A Fairy's Fountain from Majora's Mask. In Majora's Mask, the fountains are curiously known as Fairy's Fountains despite that (with the exception of one) Great Fairies live in them and that they serve the same purpose as other Great Fairy Fountains. There are only five Fairy's Fountains The Great Fairy of the Swamp is a Southern Swamp Side Quest in Majora's Mask. At the entrance to Woodfall Temple, look for a cave on the opposite side of the entrance to Woodfall. Head inside and. Once all fifteen stray fairies have been collected from Snowhead temple, exit the temple and run along the base of the mountain of Snowhead. You'll see the opening eventually! This is the other useful Great Fairy's cave! Say hello to a completed Great Fairy of Courage and you'll receive double defence Great Fairy of the Mountains. The Great Fairy of the Mountains is a Side Quest in Majora's Mask. On the base of the Snowhead Mountain, enter the cave on the far side to find the Great Fairy who.

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  1. Stray Fairy Rewards. There are 5 stray fairy fountains in Majora's Mask, in Clock Town, Woodfall, Showhead, Great Bay, and Ikana Canyon. They all start off with 10 stray fairies except for the one in North Clock Town which starts off with 24. For each fairy fountain, after you bring all stray fairies from its corresponding area, a great fairy.
  2. Located at the southeast corner of Zora's Fountain, behind Lord Jabu-Jabu. Place a bomb against the brown boulder to explode the entire wall, revealing the Great Fairy Fountain. The reward is Farore's Wind, which allows Link to create a warp point at any single portion of any dungeon. By using Farore's Wind a second time, Link can warp there
  3. In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, players get rewarded for gathering fairies in each temple. Once players gather all the fairies, they take them to that region's fairy fountain to receive.

Ikana Canyon is a location in Majora's Mask.1 It is the eastern area of Termina. It is known to be a cursed land where the Ikana Kingdom once existed, being home to the dead and filled with spirits who linger with regret and hatred.2 The Garo Ninjas can also be found here spying on the deserted land. 1 Locations and Features 1.1 Ancient Castle of Ikana 1.2 Beneath the Well 1.3 Ikana Graveyard. After you've collected all 15 Stray Fairies in Great Bay Temple you can visit the Great Bay's Great Fairy Fountain to put the Great Fairy of Courage back tog.. The Great Fairy Mask,[1] also known as the Great Fairy's Mask,[2] is an item in Majora's Mask.[note 1] It resembles the head of a Great Fairy. 1 Location and Uses 2 Trivia 3 Nomenclature 4 Gallery 5 Notes 6 References The Great Fairy Mask is given to Link by the Great Fairy of Magic in North Clock Town. Link obtains the mask if he returns the Great Fairy's missing Stray Fairy while in human.

After you get all 15 Stray Fairies in Stone Tower Temple you can go to the Fairy Fountain located in Ikana Canyon near the Music Box House and the entrance i.. Another technique I found to be good was to warp to the Ikana Canyon Owl Statue, grab the fairy in the plant, run into Ancient Castle of Ikana and grab the fairy on the right side of the castle, then warp back to the Ikana Canyon Owl Statue and repeat After you've found all 15 Stray Fairies in Woodfall Temple, head back outside. In the N64 version of the game the Fairy's Fountain is located in the southeas.. Great Fairy Fountain - The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask High Definition

--LOCATION OF FAIRY FOUNTAIN-- ----- The WOODFALL FAIRY FOUNTAIN is located in the large cave behind the ledge where you played the SONATA OF AWAKENING to bring up the temple. Use the DEKU LAUNCHER to fly to a nearby ledge with another DEKU LAUNCHER, and use that final blast to get into the fountain Majora's Mask Stray Fairies Locations. There are a total of four temples in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Each one of these temples has fifteen stray fairies, much like the little one you rescued in Clock Town. While collecting these fairies isn't essential to beating the game, it's very much worth it

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D. Head to the west end and into the Fairy Fountain where you'll find the Great Fairy split into several Stray Fairies thanks to the Skull Kid. Head out and find the Stray Fairy then bring it back to the Fairy Fountain. Locations of all the masks, Pieces of Hearts, Bottles and other key items Majora's Mask Warp List All of the locations that the Majora's Mask Set Warp Code can take you to. Rupees Destination 0 Clock Tower 1 South Clock Town (clock tower) Fairy's Fountain 20 Clock Town 21 Woodfall 22 Snowhead 23.

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Location: Great Bay coast, behind the fisherman's shop. Contents: 20 rupees. Location: Greay Bay Coast, cliffs near the Gerudo Fortress. Contents: cows. Location: Zora Cape, under a boulder near the great fairy fountain. Contents: bombchu. Location: Road to Ikana canyon, beneath a boulder between the fences The Great Fairy Mask¶. You'll want to restore the Great Fairy of Magic like you previously did, so go to the Laundry Pool and collect the Stray Fairy then head through North Clock Town and into the Great Fairy Fountain.. She mentions four Great Fairies, one in each of the temples, that needs to be restored. You'll be collecting the Stray Fairies later using your new mask Ikana Fairy Fountain. The Ikana Fairy Fountain is the only one of the Fairy Fountains whose background color doesn't match up with the color of the fairies. The background color is actually supposed to be yellow to match the fairies, but it gets overwritten with the green color from the Snowhead Fairy Fountain as soon as you enter

Termina Adventure Map Fairy Guide - Locations, Food & Clothing. The Majora's Mask map has some time travel based shenanigans to worry about, but given that fairy siblings Tael and Tatl are a major. In order to make the resuscitation a little smoother, I have compiled a list of the location of each and every stray fairy in the game. The orange fairy can be found in the laundry pool in East Clock Town. The pink fairy is hiding in the Woodfall temple whilst the green fairy will be found in the Snowhead Temple In the dungeon in Woodfall Temple wear the Great Fairy's Mask and catch all the stray fairy's. There are 15.Once you catch all of them go to Woodfall and go in to the Fairy's Fountain Great Fairy Locations Botw Map - Maping Resources How to locate the Great Fairy Fountains in Breath of the Wild The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Guide: All Great Fairy Fountain.

The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask - Great Fairy Fountain tab by Misc Computer Games. 31,186 views, added to favorites 303 times. Difficulty: advanced. Tuning: E A D G B E. Author jimpanzee [a] 41. 3 contributors total, last edit on Apr 29, 2019. View official tab 1 Before Woodfall Temple 1.1 Deku Mask 1.2 Great Fairy Mask 1.3 Blast Mask 1.4 Bremen Mask 1.5 Kamaro's Mask 1.6 Bunny Hood 1.7 Kafei's Mask 1.8 Keaton's Mask 1.9 Mailman's Hat 2 Before Snowhead's Temple 2.1 Mask of Scents 2.2 Goron Mask 3 Before Great Bay Temple The following is a list of masks you can get before you even go to the Woodfall Temple. You will need to do a series of intermediate. Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Masks Locations. Great Fairy Mask Fairy's Fountain Effect: This mask allows Link to have the Stray Fairies around him

Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Debug Version/Map Select. This is a sub-page of Proto:The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask/Debug Version. Using Map Select, players can navigate Majora's Mask's locations without having to travel to them on foot. It also allows users to set the cutscene, time of day, and Link's age There is a Great Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town. To awaken the Great Fairy, you need to find a Stray Fairy located in the town's Laundry Pool during the day and East Clock Town at night. Once you give back the stray fairy, the Great Fairy will awaken and give you her mask. This can only be done after the first three day cycle To get the Great Fairy Mask, find the Stray Fairy from Clock Town. During the day, the Stray Fairy is in the Laundry Pool. At night, the Stray Fairy is in East Clock Town near the treasure chest building. Get the fairy and take it to the Great Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town. The Great Fairy gives you the Great Fairy Mask Your first step in Majora's Mask 3D is finding the Great Fairy in Clock Town. The city isn't very big but you will need to do more than just find the Fairy Fountain in the area. This guide will help. Posted February 17, 2015 by Johnny Hurrican

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Majora's Mask 3D Walkthrough. As a human, take it to the Great Fairy's Fountain. She will give you the Great Fairy Mask. Back inside the first room of the dungeon, you can break the pot here to find a normal fairy. If you use your bottle to catch the fairy, then if you die, the fairy will bring you. Complete list of all the locations you can warp to with the save files. Home; Code Database; Information. Ocarina of Time: Majora's Mask: Damageless; Majora's Mask: Love Costs Money; Gecko to Lua Fairy's Fountain 17 Clock Town 18 Woodfall 19 Snowhead 20 Great Bay. The Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC 1 Treasure locations are one of the core additions to the first part of the game's season pass.. Each outfit or mask - Tingle, Majora's Mask, Phantom and Midna. The Master Trials DLC brings Majora's Mask and its associated EX Treasure: Ancient Mask side quest into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Majora's Mask is an eerie mask passed. Step 2: Give the masks to the children on the moon.When on the moon, give all your masks to the moon children wearing the remains of the bosses. Then speak with the child wearing Majora's Mask to receive the Fierce Deity's Mask. 14 Transformation Masks RequiredThere are 3 transformation masks obtained during the main quest

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To get it, grab the Stray Fairy at either the Laundry Pool (day) OR East Clock Town (night) And bring it to the Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town in your normal form. - This mask will float and shimmer when there's a Stray Fairy in the room. It will also make those Stray Fairies fly towards you unless they are trapped Majora's Mask walkthrough Woodfall Temple. you will just need to find all the small keys again according to their locations. In this temple, like in the other ones, there are 15 stray fairies to find. bring them to the Fairy Fountain to the east of the temple. 3DS: The Great Fairy of Wisdom will double your magic power. N64: The Great. One of the bottles locations has been changed, the rest have stayed the same. Collect and return the Stray Fairy in Clock Town to its Fountain: Great Fairy's Mask: Majora's Mask has a few. Majora S Mask Stray Fairies Locations . The majoras mask swamp temple is designed to perform the same functions. Majora's mask swamp temple. Use the Great Fairy Mask to make the Stray Fairy come to you. Walk up to the large stone that has the mask symbol on it. Platinum Collection Build Your Own Bundle. Awaken the temple with the Sonata of. You are at: Home » Majora's Mask » Majoras Mask Masks The Great Fairy Mask After turning back the clock 3 days for the first time and learning the Song of Healing, allowing you to return to your normal self, go to the laundry pool and rescue the stray fairy

The EX Strange Mask Rumours quest is one of many new missions added as part of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's first DLC pack.. Playing it through will take you to the Korok Mask location, a new item. There is a bug in the USA release of Majora's Mask regarding the Ikana Fairy Fountain. Both the Fountains at Snowhead and Ikana have the same green textures on the walls. The PAL release of the game seems to have fixed this issue, as it seems the green colour overwrites the yellow of the room as soon as Link enters it

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Admittedly, the horrible tragedy of Great Fairies being broken apart is reserved for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time are games that are connected though, and the titles make it clear that the Great Fairies in Majora's Mask are meant to be the same ones for Ocarina of Time.. Related: Zelda: 10 Ways That Twilight Princess References Ocarina Of Time. Majora's Mask - Swamp Heart Pieces. There is a very tall, old tree on the path leading to the Southern Swamp. First, kill all of the Bad Bats, then scale the tree by climbing up the vines traveling up the side. then use the flower on the Altar to fly towards the Great Fairy's Fountain. From the entrance to the Fountain, walk up the plank. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D - Mask Collectible Guide. A quick and easy guide to help you find all 24 masks featured in Majora's Mask 3D. Shack Staff. February 16, 2015 2:30 PM. 1. The Legend.

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Sep 3, 2019 - Explore Linktober's board Fairy Fountain, followed by 275 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about fairy fountain, legend of zelda, zelda art - equip deku mask over duped bottle (equipped: ocarina, zora mask, deku mask) - fly over to the mad scrub - use the flower to enter the fairy fountain - turn into zora - equip bombchus and bombs (equipped: bombchus, zora mask, bombs) - do fairy fountain wrong warp to snowhead - do lullaby skip - enter snowhead (Snowhead Temple) - equip deku. Eye of Truth is an Illusion spell utilizing the Lens of Truth to reveal hidden items and secrets in various locations. The spell is obtained by reading a spell tome found with the Lens of Truth in Kakariko Fairy Fountain. Eye of Truth is a concentration spell and uses 33 Magicka per second while in use. Magicka regeneration is also disabled while the spell is in use. 1 Effect 1.1 Compatible. Talking to the Great Fairy with the Great Fairy Mask will reveal which reward is given by that Great Fairy. Stray Fairies can be found floating around in each of the four main dungeons. There are 15 found in each of these dungeons which can be returned to the nearby Great Fairy Fountain for a prize

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  1. The following Ocarina of Time 3D Fairy Fountains guide covers the locations of every Great Fairy Fountain in Ocarina of Time 3D. Ocarina of Time 3D Great Fairy Fountains Great Fairy Fountain #1. The very first Great Fairy fountain is located at the summit of Death Mountain. The entrance is blocked by rocks, just use one of your bombs and clear.
  2. The Lost Woods (JPJapanese: 迷いの森Romaji: Mayoi no MoriMeaning: Lost Forest) (Meanders Forest in the French version) is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series. It is a mysterious forest in Hyrule that causes unwary travelers to wander in circles endlessly. They say that any who become lost within the forest will eventually turn into monsters. In all of it's appearances, the.
  3. The Skull Kid wearing Majora's Mask, the antagonist of the game. Shortly after defeating Ganondorf and saving Hyrule in Ocarina of Time, Link sets off on a new journey to reunite himself with a lost friend, implied to be Navi the Fairy.With Epona and the Ocarina of Time, Link travels to a mysterious forest when he encounters the Skull Kid. Armed with the great power of Majora's Mask, the.

from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Notice that the sword has a different shape and color from others in the game. If Link returns fifteen stray fairies that recovered from the Stone Tower Temple to the Great Fairy Fountain , the Great Fairy will reward him with this prize Faerie Fountain In the Pond of Happiness located in South Lake Hylia. Bomb the right wall to open this door way. Faerie Fountain #5 of the Flute drops you here. It is located at the south-eastern end of the Eastern Palace area, down one screen. Faerie Fountain One screen to the left of Link's house. Dash into a pile of rocks to reveal this.

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  2. 3DS - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D - The #1 source for video game models on the internet
  3. This is a guide to the DLC Side Quest, EX Treasure: Ancient Mask, in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Read on to learn how to start the quest and where to find Majora's Mask
  4. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D is an action-adventure video game developed by Nintendo released last month. Much like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D before it, Majora's Mask 3D.
  5. Originally released in 2000 (JAP - April 27, NA - October 26, PAL - November 17,) Majora's Mask and its iterations have been recipient to great accolades: 91.92 rating on GameRankings, 95/100 on Metacritic, GameFAQs' Game of the Decade 2000-09. Available on N64, GCN, Wiiware, and 3DS, Majora's Mask is a must play for any Zelda fan and all gamers
  6. a. 1 The Legend of Zelda series 1.1 Majora's Mask 1.2 Wind Waker 2 Hyrule Warriors series 2.1 Hyrule Warriors 2.2 Legends and Definitive Edition 3 Super Smash Bros. series 3.1 Super Smash Bros. Melee 3.2 Trophy Description.

Guides Fairy Fountains Fishing Pond Forest Stage Masks Ocarina Songs Scarecrow's Song Soft Soil Locations. Majora's Mask. First Three Days 2. if you explore your environment you eventually discover a fairy fountain and if you can persuade her to appear then the fairy bestows the power of spitting on little Deku Link which is an absolutely. The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask The Great Fairy of Magic lives in North Clock Town. She has been shattered into Stray Fairies by the masked Skull Kid. When Link brings her the orange Stray Fairy found in Clock Town (whose location changes with time), it will fuse with the others, and she will be restored and reward Link Fairy Fountain Alternate Exit | Majora's Mask Database coming soo Fairy Fountain [The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask] by Marshall Art, released 14 November 202 the first one will be in the corner close to the fairy's fountain where you start looking for them...the second is in the opposite corner of the same section...the third is in eastern clocktown to.

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Read about Fairy Fountain [The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask] by Marshall Art and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Official Soundtrack [Disc 1] View Tracklist . Fairy's Fountain The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask So I'm playing through Majora's Mask using Project 64 (latest release), and I'm in the Snowhead Temple dungeon. I'm trying to find one of the stray fairies...the one that is hidden in the ceiling in the room with the large switches that you have to push down using Goron Link. I've checked..

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Once you've retrieved her, go to the Fairy Fountain (in west North Clock Town). As you approack the water, the Stray Fairies will combine to form the Great Fairy. She will emerge from the water and give you Magic Power and the Bubble Skill. When she goes back into the water, leave the Fountain. and he will tell you what the Majora's Mask. Kaysa Fairy Fountain Location. This fairy is hiding in the Tabantha Region, south of the Rito Village. Get to the top of the Tabantha Tower on Nero Hill and look south, you should be able to spot. Majora's Mask follows it's predecessors with the inclusion of the most number of hidden Heart Pieces of any previous Zelda game - fifty-two total. Each Piece of Heart represents one-quarter of a Heart Container, and gathering four Pieces of Heart rewards the player with an additional Heart Container. ----- Great Fairy's Fountain New. Search results page for MIDI files that contain 'Zelda - Majora's Mask - North Fairy's Shrine.mid'. Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Great Fairy Fountain.mid. Zelda - Ocarina of Time - Great Fairy's fountain.mid. The Legend of Zelda Majoras Mask - Alien Invasion.mid

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  1. This is a guide to Majora's Mask, a Headgear in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to see information about this armor piece including stats, upgrade materials, effects, and prices
  2. Take the Stray Fairy in Clock Town to the Fairy Fountain as normal Link. Bremen Mask. Talk to the guy in the Laundry Pool area to the southwest of South Clock Town during night time. Bunny Hood. After getting the Bremen Mask - go to Romani Ranch and enter the Cucco Shack. Speak with the guy and use the Bremen Mask to mask around all 10 chicks.
  3. e. *Majora's Mask Message Board: Some of the kind users there helped me with a couple basic questions (no, I completed the entire notebook myself, if you were wondering). *Frodo86: For the Bunny Hood trick with the Postman

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Great Fairy Mask. Location: North Clock Town - Fairy's Fountain; Function: Link has the Stray Fairies around him. Obtained by : Collect the Stray Fairy in the Clock Town and restore the Great Fairy Magic. Kafei's Mask. Location: East Clock Town - Mayor's Residence; Function: Link appears to people as Kafei. Obtained by : Received from Madame Aroma If there are special locations in the world where time disruptions are present, the Song of Time can let you open a portal to travel back to a certain point of time, where the other point in the disruption was present. Fairy Fountain from Majora's Mask - Fairy Fountain Woodfall Temple from Zelda: Majora's Mask - Jungle Temple Mini-Boss. The Lens of Truth is a guidance item found in the Kakariko Fairy Fountain. The Lens can be focused at an Ancient Enchanter, provided that the player has a Tarnished Shard or Charred Fragment in their inventory. The Lens can also be used to identify the nature of a shard or fragment via the options displayed in the Ancient Enchanter. With a focused Lens, the player can interact with the Light. - HD Majora's Mask logo and titles in the title screen. - Upgraded magic jar drop icons. - Upgraded most item and mask icons, for both OOT and MM (almost everything from the wikis, Biggoron Sword from a deviantart user called blueamnesiac). - Some places and characters retextured in Majora's Mask. - Most of Majora's Mask HUD and UI File:Hyrule Warriors Dark Link Dark Great Fountain Fairy WVW69iamnU4aZHrf0I.jpg. Dark Link and Dark Great Fountain Fairy from Hyrule Warriors. Outside of the story, Dark Link appears as a DLC Costume/skin for Link. This costume is unique in that it causes Link's weapons to take on the same Dark shadowy coloration as Dark Link

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All we can do is take this Fairy back to the great Fairy fountain. Crona said. Yeah, we do have it. Let's not waste any time. Hope said. The group, now with Crona among them, returned the fairy to the fountain, allowing the Great Fairy of Magic to return in her full form. Thank you Tatl, heroes and young one of altered shape Mija is an easy to find, but often overlooked Great Fairy. Hidden in plain sight, her Great Fairy Fountain is actually marked on the map, and is the only one, other than Cotera, who gets this treatment. Akkala is found in the north-eastern part of the map, just north of Zora's Domain, and south of Death Mountain He will tell you that a mask called Majora s Mask was stolen from him. He will make you an offer that if you retrieve the precious item that was stolen from you (he means the Ocarina) and Majora s Mask he will turn you back into the Link we all know and love. After you catch the missing fairy go back to the Fairy Fountain and they will give.

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  1. Continue up the path until you see the owl, go past him and bomb the wall for the fairy. You learn a neato spin attack. Hyrule Castle. Climb the ivy and climb down the ladder past the gate of the castle. Go right until you see a sign that says Dead End and there is a rock there. Blow it up and fall down to the fairy. You learn Din's Fire here
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  3. » TLoZ: Majora's Mask 2D - Demo5.1(2.55A29) Site & Forum Rules TLoZ: Majora's Mask 2D New: Great Fairy Fountain, Stray Fairies New: Bomber's Hideout Area New Title Screen RANDOMIZER! New over Demo 5: With the help of Lüt, a number of bugs have been fixed. Reviews
  4. The G-ate Fairy, Link said, as if hoping this would explain things. The fairy did not seem to understand, and neither did Anju. The masked Skull Kid broke me apart and scattered my pieces. Please return me to my fairy fountain in North Clock Town. She seemed afraid to fly out in the open, and Link thought he knew why

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Majora's Mask is the sixth game in The Legend of Zelda series, released in 2000. A followup to Ocarina of Time in terms of both story and gameplay, the development team re-used the engine and character models from Ocarina of Time, which reduced the development time of this game to one year.Fitting, as the devs only had that one year to make it, owing to a bet Eiji Aonuma made with series. The Moon, controlled by Skull Kid under the effects of the titular mask, is the constant threat of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Link is given three in-game days (72 hours) to save the land of Termina from the Moon's destruction (however, he can turn back time with the Ocarina of Time).Along with his Fairy companion Tatl, Link sets out to find the Four Giants in each of the temples found.

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Luckily with Majora's Mask the question is once again valid, and the answer, Abso-frickin'-lutely incredible, is once again the same. Majora's Mask is not really a new take on Zelda--most everything from the controls (Z-targeting, auto jumping) to the items (fire arrows, the Lens ofTruth, Hookshot) to even the characters return from the last. He'd discovered an impossibly deep cave in the northern wall, for instance, and who should live there but another fairy. She pretended not to notice when he presented her with a mask he carved in admiration of her magnificence, but his offering had disappeared the next time he visited her fountain. Maybe she was shy