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With a c-section incision too, you don't want sweat getting in there to irritate it further. Use heat and pain relievers A little warming heat applied to your abdomen can really ease the pain. Use a heating pad for about 15 minutes at a time C-section incision healing usually produce extra skin hanging around the wound. This extra skin might trap your excessed sweat and keep it inside. You have to remember that various kinds of bacteria are also located beneath the skin and around the wound. This can be the culprit of the bad sensation of smell you notice on your incision Several factors can result in your c section incision opening. The outer incision can rupture or open due to: An Underlying Infection. An underlying infection at the site of the incision will interfere with the healing process. In most cases, these infectious conditions are usually caused by bacteria and other types of germs I've had 3 c sections and will have my 4th in July. I use the disposable hospital panties they give you. They're very thin so they're breathable. Then I make sure my incision area is clean and dry. Sometimes I put ointment like Vaseline, coconut oil, or an antibacterial cream. BUT I take a pad and tuck it under my belly against the incision A Cesarean childbirth involves cutting of abdominal skin and muscles to deliver your baby. After the procedure, you might be left with a C-section scar where the surgical incision took place. In addition to a scar, you might also have a C-section pooch or bulging belly that won't go away. Women often wonder what this shelf of tissue is

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A C-section might be a safe procedure, but it's still a major surgery, so it's important to properly care the incision to prevent injury and infection. Clean the incision daily I just had a c-section for the second time on Sept 24, 2007 for the birth of my beautiful son Andrew. Well my thing is in the beginning I had so many problems with my incision with odor pain so I mad a few trips to the ER the first time Dr said there was nothing wrong with my incision but that it smelled like infection but no other signs of it so he had the nurse clean it up and change the.

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I had a c section 11 years ago. I find mine is a fungal infection which seems to reacur when I am very sweaty. I use canesten cream which does take the infection away. There doesn't seem a reason as to why it starts up as I can go months without a problem, but then it comes back for a few days until it is under control again A c-section is a surgical procedure that allows your baby to be born through an incision in your lower abdomen. The skin incision is about the length of your middle finger just above your pubic hairline. The surgeon must go through several layers, separating muscle to reach the uterus TBH with the greatest respect I think are slightly burying your head in the sand if you think a wierd smell is just to do with sweaty atmosphere 2 weeks after a CS. By now the surface be dried up and healing very well and shouldn't be described as inflamed or uncomfortable, or oozing blood and clear fluid

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  1. What to Expecta Month After the C-Section. You might be numb at the incision area. Dweck says it's common to feel numbness here for weeks after a C-section. A very small percentage of women.
  2. If the foul smell is recent, then Martha Kirtley's answer that you have an infection is probably correct, and you should SEE A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. If however the smell has been there for years, my guess from what you said is that the scar is rough..
  3. C-Section Scar Weeping and C-Section Scar Bleeding As for c-scar bleeding, the question often arises whether it is normal or not. Well, it is normal for the incision wound and the developing scar to bleed over the first few days, but this often stops when the incision wound closes up
  4. If you have a c-section incision flap, something fungal is likely going on. This tends to happen more to those that are overweight because the skin traps things like germs and sweat. While it does take time to lose weight after having a baby, if you're obese, please make sure you're taking care of yourself and checking the area frequently
  5. To think caesarean scar should not be irritating after 13 years?. 13 years ago I had an emergency caesarean under general. I've never had any problems with the scar, have had no pregnancies since. For the last couple of weeks my scar has been itching like anything, it's almost insanely itchy and it was all I could do yesterday in a really.

Uncommon: Sometimes, women feel an incision will itch after a c-section.As long as there aren't any signs of redness or swelling around the incision, it usually just means that the incision is healing. In your case, it is uncommon for it to itch so many years after surgery. Speak to your physician and have it examined Incision and uterine infections are relatively common after a Cesarean section. Learn about the common symptoms of a C-section infection, plus tips for preventing an infection Typically, a C-section scar is only about 1/8 inch wide and 4 to 6 inches long. As the C-section incision heals, the scar will begin to start matching their regular skin color, and will narrow to about 1/16 inch in width. Their scar may become itchy during the healing process, reassure them that this is completely normal The incision from the C section cuts through your core muscles and can causes quite some pain after surgery. Some women even struggle with c-section scar pain years later. And, while it may be frustrating to deal with the pain, there are things you can do to help minimize the scar pain in the long run If you notice heavy bleeding or oozing from your incision site, reddened edges, increasing C-section scar pain, or have a fever higher than 100.4°, call your doctor right away, as these could be.

C-section Glue. C-section glue (incision glue) is a commonly used method of keeping a c-section incision closed after the procedure. C-section glue is a special type of medical adhesive that dries within seconds after being exposed to the air. Incision glue is usually covered with a gauze dressing after application Read all 39 questions with answers, advice and tips about c section incision smell from moms' communities. Some of the advice from Moms is: C-section Incision, My C-section Incision Has an Odor, Tips on Before, During, and After a C-section

A post-cesarean wound infection is an infection that occurs after a C-section, which is also referred to as an abdominal or cesarean delivery. It's usually due to a bacterial infection in the. A C-section is the delivery of a baby through a surgical opening in the mother's lower belly area, usually around the bikini line. The procedure is most often done while the woman is awake. The body is numbed from the chest to the feet using epidural, or spinal, anesthesia. The surgeon usually makes a cut or incision across the belly just above. Once the c-section incision heals, it leaves behind a scar. The scar can appear as a raised, hardened skin which has a darker, reddish colour than the surrounding skin. While the scar may fade away over time, it does not completely vanish on its own. Even though a c-section scar lies in a position where it is covered by clothing, it still makes.

Hot, humid weather can cause intertrigo, especially in those who have other risk factors. Skin that is exposed to urine or feces is also more vulnerable to infection. You may be at a greater risk of developing intertrigo if you wear tight, abrasive underclothing or dirty or sweaty clothing Your incision comes open. Nausea or vomiting. Vaginal clotting larger than a golf ball. Trouble passing urine or stool. Taking care of yourself after having a C-section is just as important as taking care of your newborn. Allow yourself to take it easy. Rest whenever possible, and call your doctor if you have concerns about your health Signs of Internal Bleeding After a C-Section. Skin Signs. Women with internal bleeding become very pale. Hands and feet may be cold and clammy, the woman may be very sweaty, and capillary refill time, which is checked by pushing down on a fingernail and watching to see how fast the blood returns to the nail, is slow, according to the Merck Manual C-Section Incision Care Tips. In general, this is how you can best care for your incision: You will be the most sore and your incision will be the most tender in the first couple of days after birth. Your incision will likely stay sore for 2 to 3 weeks, but it should feel better every day. Some people take pain medications for the first couple. It is normal for a C-section scar to itch once in a while even if it has been six years as you mentioned. But the severity of the itching that you are describing indicates that you may have developed an infection in the area. It is advisable to get yourself checked by a skin specialist. C section scar sweaty and itchin

Hi, I had a section 8 weeks ago. The scar healed ok but now it is weeping again. This is my third section and a new scar, the trouble is the scar is under my roll of fat so it is getting sweaty. I have been to the dr and he has given me antibiotics and dressings to put on it but I'm worried because o Just make sure that your healthcare provider examines your c-section incision before putting on a belly wrap. If you notice the area around your incision looks red, warm, or has drainage, you might be developing an infection. Avoid using a postpartum belly wrap as this can introduce more bacteria to that area, as it makes contact with the incision Everybody has areas where their skin folds over on itself. When skin is warm and sweaty, the conditions are perfect for intertrigo, the common skin fold rash. The skin folds most affected by this rash are those under the breasts, under the stomach and in the arm pits. The deeper the folds, the more likely the chance for intertrigo Sweating in the night can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes, waking up warm and sweaty isn't considered night sweats at all. Instead, it just means you're too hot or snuggling. Any redness more than 2 inches away from the incision edge is a cause for concern. The resultant swelling also stretches the skin, especially at the incision's edges. If this becomes severe, the stitches or staples used to close the incision may give way, causing the wound to open up. If infection persists, skin cells may die and parts of the.

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C section scar sweaty and itching . Premium Questions. I had a C-section 6 months ago for my last baby. i developed itchiness all over my body since then. and after 6 months the itchiness has subsided except for my lower back. I have scars or black marks from. Expand Section. You may have bleeding from your vagina for up to 6 weeks. It will slowly become less red, then pink, and then will have more of a yellow or white color. Bleeding and discharge after delivery is called lochia. At first, your cut (incision) will be raised slightly and pinker than the rest of your skin • Vertical c-section scar. Known as a classical cesarean section, this 4- to 5-inch up-and-down cut allows OBs quicker access to baby during an emergency and easier access to a preterm baby.. For women who are morbidly obese, they'll have less wound infection and problems with a vertical incision, says Barnes C-section incision care. Here are some tips on caring for your c-section incision: Clean the incision area very gently with mild soap and water once a day in the shower. Don't rub or scrub your incision, just let soap and water run over it. Pat your incision dry with a clean towel when you're done I had my first c section in 2013 (an emergency due to the baby being in distress). And my second in 2016 (a planned c section due to placenta previa). Read more about my personal c section stories here. Interested in a VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean) read about my unique tips for a VBAC here

15 Reasons There's No Coming Back After A C-Section. She will also have to dry it if she gets sweaty. Most moms nowadays will have the low transverse incision, also known as the bikini cut as the scar can be comfortably hidden under a bikini. A low vertical incision, however, might be done if the baby was in a position that made it. A C-section, or cesarean section, is the surgical delivery of a baby through incisions in the abdomen and uterus. A C-section is typically only recommended in medically necessary cases, such as in some high-risk pregnancies or when the baby is in the breech position and can't be flipped before labor begins Unfortunately, submerging yourself in water is only safe once the incision has healed—generally seven to 10 days after surgery. At this point in your C-section recovery timeline, you'll be.

Knowing the what you should not do after a c-section will help you recover quickly from it. The recovery period of a C-section is longer than a vaginal birth a nd it also makes taking care of a newborn a little more difficult. I had the glue put on to close my C-section incision, which is the new method as I was told • More redness of the skin around your incision • Cloudy green-yellow drainage from your incision • New or an increase in drainage or re-opening of a healed incision . Questions or Concerns . If you have any questions or concerns about your incision , call the Burn/Plastic Surgery Clinic weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 206.744.5735

That sounds like it would be really helpful after such invasive surgery. level 1. time343. 6 points · 1 year ago. An extra bottle of tylenol and advil, an abdominal binder, and maybe a coupon for a maid service for a week or two. Manual work, even the easy stuff, was tough and painful for the first week or so. level 2 Packing your hospital bag for c section. Expert tips from a c section mama with everything you need for a post c-section stay in hospital. I'm a c-section mama, and I got to sayit really is a bit of a doozy. I had an unplanned C section, after 22 hours of unmedicated labor. Honestly, I wouldn't try that again Caesarean section, also known as C-section, or caesarean delivery, is the surgical procedure by which one or more babies are delivered through an incision in the mother's abdomen, often performed because vaginal delivery would put the baby or mother at risk. Reasons for the operation include obstructed labor, twin pregnancy, high blood pressure in the mother, breech birth, and problems with. If you're looking for panties that protect your C section incision but are still soft like buttah, this pair from Belly Bandit is a good choice. They offer 360 degrees of compression without.

3. Use a heating pad. 4. Seek out your doctor for underlying gynecological and endocrine issues. It's possible that your period after caesarean delivery is too heavy, soaking through a tampon each hour or passing blood clots. If your flow seems too heavy or your pain is too severe while cramping, reach out to your doctor Related posts: My Hospital Bag & Postpartum Must Haves // Breastfeeding Tips // My experience with PPD I started writing this shortly after Rio was born, but newborn life took over and here I am months later! With this being my second rodeo, I thought I knew what to expect but the first few weeks of recovery hit me like a truck Treat your C-section incision with care. During the C-section recovery process, discomfort and fatigue are common. To promote healing: Take it easy. Rest when possible. Try to keep everything that you and your baby might need within reach. For the first couple of weeks, avoid lifting anything heavier than your baby

A c-section can be an amazing, essential, and even life-saving delivery option, and in many cases, they improve the safety and wellbeing of women and babies. With the right tools in your recovery kit, you can protect your incision site wound, encourage he 2 weeks post c section and the moment I put this on I could feel a difference! I automatically felt less pain around the incision and abdomen area. I don't know how much it will help to get rid of the c section pouch but I am glad it's helping me feel better right now C-section deliveries are fairly common—32% of U.S. births are C-sections, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says. When is a C-section necessary? There are a few specific. Benefits of Belly Bandit C-Section Recovery Underwear & Shorts. Belly Bandit's C-section underwear collection was created specifically for postpartum moms. Our C-section Recovery Shorts have a structured, compressive waistband that can help reduce swelling, as well as silver-infused yarn in the front panel to cut down on odor and bacteria

Care and Recovery afterwards angstrom unit C section Ways to ease and speed recovery after If your shinny folds concluded the dent place a cloth pad on it to keep it from getting sweaty. A booster of mine recommended Pine Tree State the best yeast transmission discourse and I. Following cesarean yeast infection on incision after c section de. Most mothers who deliver their baby by C-section will experience postpartum edema — or swelling. Swelling is due to the fact that you're carrying about 50% more blood volume and fluids during pregnancy, which don't just disappear after delivery. Swelling is common in the feet, legs, hands, face, and vulva and should subside after a few weeks. When can I start walking after C section? It's important to get out of bed and walk around within 24 hours after surgery. This can help ease gas pains, help you have a bowel movement, and prevent blood clots. You can try gentle exercises a few days after the C-section: Deep breathing: Take 2 or 3 slow, deep breaths every half-hour

Old blood: Black discharge after gyn surgery or c- section can indicate old mentrual or suricial blood. Consult with pricate gyn. 90,000 U.S. doctors in 147 specialties are here to answer your questions or offer you advice, prescriptions, and more Sweaty palms, also known as palmar hyperhidrosis, is a condition that causes excessive sweating in the palms of the hands. Though it's called sweaty palms, often times a person will experience both sweating in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet together (sweating in the feet is called plantar hyperhidrosis) For 1 or 2 weeks after the C-section, a woman may also notice some periodic, minor bleeding from the incision site. Strenuous activity, including sex, can increase the risk of opening the incision. Most C-section scars are uterine and are cut low on the abdomen so they are hidden when wearing underwear or swimsuit bottoms, BabyCenter.com says. Tips Work on your posture while walking and support your abdomen near the incision site when coughing, laughing, sneezing or doing other sudden movements that might jar the area around the incision

Provides support beyond the incision with compression panels that stabilize weak muscles and support all parts impacted by pregnancy and C-section including lower tummy, hips, and lower back. Designed for comfort  with unique MicroNet soft-touch, lightweight and breathable fabric free of harsh chemicals and dyes to reduce skin irritations. Discharge, pain or redness that doesn't go away or gets worse around a c-section incision (cut), episiotomy or perineal tear. A c-section (also called cesarean birth) is a surgery in which your baby is born through a cut that your doctor makes in your belly and uterus (womb) A c-section is an abdominal surgery, so six weeks is the minimum you should wait, says Nazneen Vasi, PT, a physical therapist and owner of Body Harmony Physical Therapy in New York City. But just because you've hit the six-week mark doesn't necessarily mean you're ready to resume exercise after c-section TOREAD Pool Filter Replaces Pleatco PA90, CX900RE, C900, Unicel C-8409, Filbur FC-1292, Posi-Clear Sta-Rite PXC95, Clearwater II ProClean 100, Aladdin 19002, 25230-0095S, 90 sq.ft Cartridg

Provides support beyond the incision with compression panels that stabilize weak muscles and support all parts impacted by pregnancy and C-section including lower tummy, hips, and lower back Designed for comfort with unique MicroNet™ soft-touch, lightweight and breathable fabric free of harsh chemicals and dyes to reduce skin irritation C-section, or Cesarean delivery, is a common option for childbirth. In 2016, CDC reports that 31.9% of all deliveries in the U.S. were by c section.In some cases women have this type of delivery because it is safer, even medically indicated for them Once you are finished bathing, please blot the area of the incision; and, if not completely dry, use a hair dryer on the cool setting to ensure the area is completely dry. If you find that your incision falls underneath a fold of skin and accumulates some sweat, it is a good idea to place a maxi pad over the incision and change it frequently Keep in mind one of the possible causes of night sweats is an infection. While most people don't have a problem with infection after surgery, this is a possible risk with any incision. If you suspect you may have an infection because you have a fever with a temperature of 101 or higher and increased pain consult your doctor right away

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  1. Well, here we are officially 10 days postpartum on my fourth and final c-section. Yes, all of my babies have been brought into this world via c-section. The first delivery was an emergency and the rest were elective because I felt it was nice to be able to pick my delivery day and know exactly when the baby would come
  2. Women who have undergone a c-section should avoid completely submerging the area of the abdomen covered in plastic wrap under water for long periods of time. Taking a bath after a c-section can be very difficult, especially when it comes to keeping the incision site clean and free from bacteria
  3. You mustn't pry around your incision and it's best you do not even look at it often. There is nothing to worry about them as the latest stitches introduced in C-section heal quickly. However, your husband or nurse can take care of that area to ensure there are no issues. It is an important thing to avoid after a C-section. 8
  4. The most common signs and symptoms of an incision infection are increased swelling and redness, heat to the touch, and drainage of pus. Pain will also likely increase with an infection. Two of the signs that an incision infection is spreading is fever and general fatigue, as well as red streaks spreading outward from the site of the incision
  5. e regularly. Diastasis Recti or abdo
  6. Wound Care. One thing you need to do when you have a C-Section is keep your incision dry. After showers, gently pat your wound dry. Taking a shower after the C-Section was very difficult for me and I often needed help in those early weeks. After my shower, I would lay in bed

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The Cesarean Section (C/S) process improvement team in conjunction with the Department of Obstetrics at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital (Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA) has developed a pathway that ensures less than 30-minute decision to incision times for emergent Cesarean delivery Related: C-Section vs Vaginal Birth. 5. Keeping an eye on your incision dressing. Since you've just had a C-Section, you'll also have a big dressing over your incision. Along with these fundal rubs, I'll be assessing your dressing. We want to make sure you don't have any new drainage that's appearing from your wound If your c-section scar isn't responding to other treatments, is indented like mine, or has a shelf of skin hanging over it (which is common), your best bet may be to have the scar cut out so the skin can re-heal. And, while it may sound intense, a c-section scar revision surgery isn't nearly as painful or debilitating as a c-section itself

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1. Walk, walk, walk. When I shared the news of my son's birth on Facebook, I also shared that I had a C-section. I got a few messages from awesome women in my life (at least one of whom — an old. If the incision progressively seems puffy, red, and more painful to touch. If your lower abdomen seems to be more hard and firm. If you develop flu-like symptoms. Although it isn't a sign you have an infection, if your incision splits open see a doctor right away. An open and untreated wound could lead to infection Usually if there's an infection following a c-section, there's abdominal pain, an unusual and bad smelling discharge, or a very red and swollen place in the incision line. Fever could be the 1st hint of trouble, but you don't need to wait for time to tell because you could be needlessly sicker. You and your baby will be safer if you call the. Hey there. I had a primary c-section on July 1st. I was only given instructions as to not use stairs, no lifting anything heavier than baby, monitor the incision. Are there any other things I should be doing or not doing? I am an RN, but the funny thing is...when I am the patient its as if my bra..

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Having a C-section incision that sits under a flap of belly fat is probably an open invitation for infection - it's in a dark, basically sealed-off area that will retain moisture (sweat and water). I'm sure Moo is not keeping it as clean and dry as she says. Reply Quote. Anonymous User Use arnica gel or tablets ( where to find) to relieve muscle pain, swelling, and bruising associated with c-section recovery. Take cinnamon and garlic supplements, coconut water, omega-3 fatty acids, hawthorn berry tea, hibiscus tea, and apple cider vinegar—all can help. Try calendula supplements, which can help avoid vaginal infections, a.

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The major thing to be aware of with post-C-section sex is making sure your incision is healing properly. Your core muscles have just been cut open — to retrieve a literal human being from inside. If your C-section scar bothers you, some simple home remedies for scars during and after the healing stage will help improve its appearance. Try using these common products: Petroleum jelly (Vaseline): You want to keep the incision moist and covered. That's the best way to help reduce scarring after a C-section. A number of scar creams can do this All-in-one: This underwear is the brainchild of an ER nurse who went under the knife to have her kid, and didn't realize how ineffective most panties, including hospital mesh underwear, are for C-section moms. So basically, this is the holy grail of C-section underwear. Aside from being high waist, it includes a hospital grade silicone panel, right where a horizontal incision should sit. And. The days pass, and the air conditioner continues to chug. The blinds are drawn, and the house is gloomy despite the burning sun outside. I don't run off to Mexico, of course. I'm still hopped up on painkillers for my angry C-section incision, and I'm fuzzy from insomnia. I can't even make it to the mailbox Intertrigo is an inflammatory skin condition that develops when trapped moisture and friction in large skin folds leads to chafing. It occurs most often in people who are overweight, and commonly develops in the thigh crease, under the breasts, in the armpits, between the buttocks and in skin folds of the belly

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Whether your C-section is planned or unplanned, you are likely to be in for a surprise when it comes to C-section recovery. For my first baby, we expected to need a C-section due to placenta previa; however, were given the all-clear and had a successful vaginal delivery instead First-time mothers have a lower risk of emergency C-section if they are induced a week early, study finds. Previously, doctors feared early induction increased the risk of death for mother and bab Scheduled C-sections are performed in the operating rooms on the labor and delivery unit at First Hill, Edmonds and Issaquah, and in the main OR in Ballard. A C-section usually takes about an hour, from start to finish. Your baby will be born within the first 15 minutes; the rest of the time is spent closing up the incision Use cold or warm treatments. Swelling after your surgery should be gone after a day or two, but if there is some swelling around your caesarean section stitches, you can try applying an ice bag on the covered incision. Applying a heating pad or a warm compress to your covered incision will also stimulate blood circulation which promotes healing

Janna You more then likely have a yeast infection under your skin. It is a common problem for people who are obese or overweight. This infection can spread and is common under the stomach and under the breasts where the skin is folded over itself After my c section, I have used a few pads to absorb the moisture. I was told by my OB to not let the wound site become sweaty, to have at least 2 showers a day and to pad the wound site dry. For the tummy hanging over your wound, I have used grannie undies from Kmart/Target

A c-section is a common operation, 'but it's important to remember it's also quite a serious one,' says Elizabeth Duff, senior policy adviser at the NCT. 'You have an incision through your abdomen into your uterus, so although most women recover quickly, you do need to follow the advice you're given.' C-section recovery tip While you may want to use this to dry your hair, it's actually more for drying all of your bits. Pop it on the cool or just warm setting and use it to dry your c-section incision area or vagina after a shower. Just a bit gentler than a towel. 64. Lactation cookies. Get those milk makers prepped and ready to rock with some delish lactation. Geary further elaborates to one fan that doctors reopened the same c-section incision line scar for each subsequent birth like a zipper — open, close, open, close. Reflecting on her recovery time, Geary says the actual surgery is the easiest part for her, it's the recovery that's a little tough The fact that a wound smells bad is a sign that something might be wrong. Most likely it is an infected wound or one which has not healed properly. Therefore, it will probably have some discharge such as pus, your wound may turn white due to it and give off an unpleasant odor. At the same time, this will stop it from scarring properly and completely healing

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C-section incision care Here are some tips on caring for your c-section incision: Clean the incision area very gently with mild soap and water once a day in the shower. Don't rub or scrub your incision, just let soap and water run over it. Pat your incision dry with a clean towel when you're done. If you go home with a dressing (bandage) over. My first c section 4 years ago was painful afterwards but not this painful. This one is terrible. I dread going to bed because I know I have to get up. Every time I get out of bed I get this sharp painful stinging/burning feeling on the left side of my incision (happens on the right side too but not nearly as bad) Many women experience swelling in the days after delivery - particularly in the hands, fingers, legs and ankles, but also in incision sites like their episiotomy incision or C-section incision. While a source of discomfort it is not generally anything to be concerned about It's time to take care of Mama. Giving birth is kind of a big deal. You've created a tiny human! New motherhood is a time when moms need and deserve all the T.L.C. in the world. This thoughtfully curated care package has all the essentials a new mom needs