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Re: Nightsky photography with T3i. 03-05-2014 10:33 PM. Using Live View and turn off exposure stimulation (in the menu), the camera will use highest ISO in camera to display the scene. The image looks grainy but don't worry, this is just for viewing. The camera will take the photo at your set ISO I want to finally get a new camera and upgrade from my old (but still awesome because of the night vision) Sony DSC-F717 to a real DSLR. The first question which I already answered was if I should get a used Canon 40D or Canon T3i, I decided in favor of the T3i since I won't mind having a video option on certain times, which the 40D won't offer Canon T3i Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lucky777's gear list: When you get down to the nuts and bolts of photography, the results depend on the 'nut' behind the camera! Canon EOS Rebel T6s Canon EOS Rebel T4i Canon EF-S 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS STM Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS US Budget (night photography) lens for Canon Rebel T3i (EOS 600D) Valeriy; Dec 1, 2011; Photography Equipment & Products; 2. Replies 21 Views 36K. Dec 10, 2011. Valeriy. V. Two t3i's for the price of one t4i. Jiffer; Jul 26, 2012; DSLR Video Discussion; Replies 5 Views 2K. Sep 17, 2012. dnavarrojr. N. Night video with DSLR. northernlightblog; Mar. The Rebel T1i/T2i/T3i/etc has some limitations in ISO compared to it's siblings. It simply offers the standard ISO speeds we are accustomed to 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, and 6400. However, it does not offer the digital pull such as 320, 640, 1250, etc that have Canon's special sauce to clean up noise

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The 24mm focal length shows more core Milky Way gasses than its band through the sky. Photographed at f/1.4, 20 seconds, ISO 1600, EF 24mm f/1.4L II USM, Canon EOS 5D Mark II. One summer long ago, camping in the bristlecone pine forest in the White Mountains of California, I decided to do some night photography Night photography simply won't work without a tripod since you'll be using a long shutter speed. Otherwise, the image will be blurry. A cable release. You don't need a cable release to capture night photography, but as you get more advanced, it can be a nice piece of gear to have Re: Nightsky photography with T3i. 07-18-2016 01:29 PM. If you've not already done so, set focus on an item at least 100 ft away, in daylight conditions before the sun sets. Then don't touch the focus again until you're done shooting. It was simpler back in the days before autofocus lenses T1i, T2i, T3i, T4i, xsi, Rebel Wedding Photography (d3300, d3400, d5300, d5500, d5600) Get Over It. There are going to be a lot of people who will not like, will not agree with, this post. I don't care. A camera is just a camera. Real talent, real artistry, comes from the mind of the photographer

Night mode attempts to bring out the background lights that often are lost when using flash photography at night. It's important to note that if you don't use a tripod with night mode, your photos are likely to end up blurry. Creative modes. The Canon Rebel T3i's mode dial is separated into two sections: the Basic Zone and Creative Modes Canon EOS Rebel T3i. In 2015 I upgraded to Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera for astrophotography. The T3i (600D) came pre-modified by an astro-modification service known as Astro-Mod Canada. I have used this camera to capture many deep-sky objects using various clip-in filters. This is the DSLR I always recommend to beginners Learn how to setup your Canon EOS Rebel T3i / 600D for portraits, sports, landscapes, nature, animals and more. Easy to follow, step-by-step cheat sheets show you exactly which modes and autofocus settings to use with your T3i / 600D. Get out of auto and get control of your camera using tried-and-true recipes stunning images and do more with photography, Canon has introduced the EOS Rebel T3i and T3, offering the right balance of high-end features and easy-to-use guidance at a great price. So regardless of experience level or budget, there is a Canon Rebel camera suited to a user's need

What Wide Angle Lens for Canon T3i? Those who want to add a Canon Rebel T3i wide angle lens to their photography gear kit can consider the Canon EF-S 10-18mm f/4.5-5.6 IS STM. This model attracted lots of photographers since it is the first wide-angle lens that combines exceptional image quality, first-class optical performance, and affordability This is a how to instructions guide for making timelapse photography with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Hence the title, how to do a time lapse with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Timelapse photography allows us to see processes that would normally appear very subtle to the human eye, but when captured, enables us to see that process much more pronounced. Action Portraits With A Canon Rebel T3i Great portraits are not always a result of someone sitting on a stool in front of a photography backdrop with the camera man saying, Cheese. You can use a good digital SLR like the Canon Rebel T3i to capture some nice candid portraits like this one of the guitar player

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Canon DRebel T3i (600D) Infrared DIY Conversion Tutorial Step 10 Gently lift up the PCB and move a bit to the right to expose the 3 screws marked with red arrows, remove them. When moving the PCB be gentle as you don't want to disconnect the cables on the reverse side (approximate location shown with the yellow arrow) Video Cable AVC-DC400ST. Enables direct image display from the EOS to an HD television or a similar display device. Comes standard with the EOS 1D Mark IV, 7D, 60D, Rebel T3i and Rebel T2i. Please see Compatibility tab for compatible models. IN STOCK MSRP: $25.00 Canon Store $20.00. ADD TO CART. Wide Strap EW-100DB V

Aputure Timer Camera Remote Control Shutter Cable 1C, for Canon EOS Rebel XT, XTi, XSi, T1, T1i, T2i, T3, T3i, T4i, T5i, SL1, D60, D70, Powershot G10, G11, G12, G1X, Replaces Canon RS 60-E3 - This will allow you to set preferred intervals, which will automatically take pictures - allowing you to create the perfect timelapse Canon Rebel T3i: https://amzn.to/35DKSQrAre you trying to get into the world of professional video production but are locked in a budget? Could a DSLR from n.. In this tutorial, award-winning astrophotographer Phil Hart shares his photography advice to show you how to shoot great photographs of the night sky, stars,.. Canon's Rebel T3i is an all-rounder APS-C type DSLR fitting all photography ranges. Be it landscapes, astrophotography, wildlife, and sports videography, portraits, macro, and telephoto shots, Rebel T3i is there for you. When opting for the best lenses, jot down the probable needs of your purchase Video covers all functions of the EOS Rebel

Sep 2, 2017 - Explore Shilo Turri's board canon t3i on Pinterest. See more ideas about camera photography, photography tips, camera hacks Canon EOS Rebel T3i/600D For Dummies. In this article. By Julie Adair King. Your T3i/600D is packed with so many features that it can be difficult to remember what each control does, especially if you're new to digital SLR photography. To help you sort everything out, this Cheat Sheet provides a quick-reference guide to the external controls. Get more from your Canon DSLR camera with these cool tips and tricks for beginners. ️ Canon tips you may have missed : https://youtu.be/T2dUaB14cHg ️ 7 Can.. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i is a Entry-Level DSLR with a Canon APS-C sensor and a Canon EF lens mount. Its 18 Megapixels CMOS sensor offers an ISO 100-6400 sensitivity range which is expandable to ISO 100-6400. This makes it possible to shoot hand-held in relatively low-light. With 18 MP of resolution, sharp prints are possible up to 22 x 14 at 240 DPI

How can I take good night photos with a Canon EOS 1100d (Rebel T3i) Jun 23, 2013 I was wondering how I can take good photos with my new Canon EOS 1100d, I've been outside trying to take photos of the stars and star trails, and also the moon but the moon photos turn out too bright, and when the moon is gone i try to take star photos and you can. The Canon EOS T3i Digital SLR camera is scheduled to be delivered to U.S. dealers in the beginning of March, and will be sold in a body-only configuration at an estimated retail price of $799.99. It will also be offered in a kit version with Canon's new EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II zoom lens at an estimated retail price of $899.99

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  1. Read more about the Canon EOS T3i here (includes Canon EOS T3i reviews): Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18 MP CMOS Digital SLR Camera and DIGIC 4 Imaging with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens 2
  2. The star tracker is the key to long exposure imaging of deep-sky objects in the night sky, and the one used in the video (Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer) is currently listed at $399 USD on Amazon. Deep-sky objects in Orion. Canon EOS Rebel T3i and Rokinon 135mm F/2 lens (67 x 60-seconds). The Canon 600D can certainly hold it's own when attached.
  3. When shooting at any aperture, your camera and lens are taking in all the light and metering information with the lens wide open - we will use 2.8 in this example. This means the focusing speed and accuracy of an f2.8 lens vs an f5.6 is like night and day. It makes perfect sense when you think about it
  4. After I bought my new Canon EOS 40D and took some blue hour and night photos I found out that i have a bright white pixel near the center of the image. I found out that the RAW converter fixes this problem but JPG files are still an issue. This pixel is a stuck pixel, or sometimes it called dead pixel
  5. Featuring Canon's newest DIGIC 4 Image Processor and an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor plus cutting-edge technologies like Full HD video recording, Live View shooting, Wireless flash photography and even a Vari-angle 3.0-inch LCD monitor, the EOS Rebel T3i offers the best of EOS photography in a compact package.What's in the box: Canon EOS.
  6. Canon EOS Rebel T3i / 600D: From Snapshots to Great Shots Tv mode gives us more freedom to control certain aspects of our photography. In this case, we are talking about shutter speed. Figure 4.5 A long exposure coupled with a small aperture and a steady tripod helped capture this beach scene at night. When you want to create that silky.
  7. Canon announced the EOS Rebel T3i and EOS Rebel T3 Digital SLR Cameras, providing numerous intelligent high-end features at attractive price points. Complementing the award-winning EOS Rebel T2i DSLR, the EOS Rebel T3i, Canon's new flagship Rebel, offers fun and easy-to-use features for beginning photographers, and the EOS Rebel T3 provides a more attractively priced option for those looking.

The Canon EOS 600D (called the Canon EOS Rebel T3i in North America) is a new DSLR camera that boasts a class-leading 18-megapixels and full 1080p high-definition videos. Other key features of the 600D / T3i include continuous shooting at 3.7fps, a vari-angle 3-inch LCD screen with 1,040k dot resolution, ISO range of 100-12800, 14-bit image processing and Canon's Digic 4 processor The Canon EOS Rebel T3i is great. It has the ability to take excellent shots, you can learn alot about photography with it. And if you're new to photography it wouldn't be wise to invest in a higher-end expensive camera that you have no idea how to operate. Read the manual a couple of times and you'd be good to go, its not that difficult to use

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Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM: The quality of this lens is in line with Canon's full-frame L-series, but it is was designed for APS-C sensor cameras that use the EF-S mount.It is a big improvement from the zoom lens bundled with the EOS Rebel T3. The large maximum aperture is constant through the full zoom range making it possible for a shallow depth of field and spectacular background blur Nov 1, 2013 - Explore Andrea Sanders's board Canon Rebel T3i Photography on Pinterest. See more ideas about canon rebel t3i, photography, canon rebel Introduction to taking pictures with the Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera. In February 2011, Canon released a new version of its Ti-series cameras called T3i. In some parts of the world, this camera uses the model number Canon 600D (or EOS Kiss X5 in Japan) Is there a way to connect my camera (Canon Rebel T3i a.k.a. EOS 600D) to my laptop to create a timelapse and charge the battery at the same time? I have to keep swapping out the battery to keep the 5 day timelapse going. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Canon T2i Lenses for Low Light Sports Photography. Howdy friends! Let's take a look at some the best indoor and low light sports lenses for the Canon Rebel T2i The key to shooting inside a gym is to have a lens with a low f-value. A lens with a low f-value will allow more light to enter the camera, which will give you higher shutter speeds. Rebel T3i vs T2i: Since both cameras share the same 18 megapixel sensor and Digic 4 processor, both the T2i and T3i will create images with exactly the same image quality, produce the same low light-high ISO performance, shoot at 3.7 frames per second, and have nearly the same size and build quality

Canon T3i Experience not only covers the various settings, functions and controls of the Canon Rebel T3i / EOS 600D, but it also explains when and why to use them for your photography. And it describes every T3i / 600D Menu setting and Custom Function setting, with recommended settings to get you started quickly, including Movie Mode menu settings Oct 13, 2013 - Explore Katrina Hall's board Canon T3i on Pinterest. See more ideas about canon t3i, canon, camera hacks

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  1. 57 sec, which is a revolutionary feature but it may decrease depending upon.
  2. Best Macro Lenses for Canon EOS Rebel T5i, SL1, T4i, T3i. Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM ($399): Great performance with an affordable price!This Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens produces 1:1 magnification for extremely detailed close-up images and with a 35mm focal length equivalence of 96mm, it is also ideal for medium telephoto applications including portraiture
  3. The Canon 80D is a mid-range DSLR that was released in 2016, intended for photographers who want a more advanced camera than an entry-level Canon Rebel series. We have been testing the Canon 80D extensively over the past couple of months, and the takeaway is clear: it is a very solid camera, even in 2018. On top of that, the 80D also represents.

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The Canon EOS 600D is an 18.0 megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera, released by Canon on 7 February 2011. It is known as the EOS Kiss X5 in Japan and the EOS Rebel T3i in America. The 600D is the second Canon EOS camera with an articulating LCD screen and supersedes the 550D, although the earlier model was not discontinued until June 2012, when the successor of the 600D, the 650D, was. Get Free Best Manual Settings For Canon T3i Best Manual Settings For Canon T3i When somebody should go to the books stores, search inauguration by shop, shelf by shelf, it is really problematic. This is why we offer the ebook compilations in this website. It will totally ease you to see guide best manual settings for canon t3i as you such as

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Powerextra 2 Pack 7.4V 1800mAh Li-ion Replacement Canon LP-E8 Battery for Canon EOS Rebel T3i, T2i, T4i, T5i, EOS 600D, 550D, 650D, 700D, Kiss X5, X4, Kiss X6, LC-E8E 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,633 $14.99 $ 14 . 99 $21.99 $21.9 Photography ISO, Aperture \u0026 Shutter Speed - Understanding Exposure W/ the Canon T3i Canon EOS Rebel T3 Camera Features and Functions Explained Canon Rebel T3i (9 Years Later): Still The Best DSLR For BeginnersWhat Each Function Of The Canon T3I O The Canon EOS Rebel T3i builds on its predecessor, the EOS Rebel T2i, by adding a Vari-angle LCD monitor and new still and video shooting features. Make your best images . Become an Outdoor Photographer Member to access this Photography Gear Article, plus techniques, inspiration and equipment reviews from the pros! By entering.

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  1. While the lens you choose will have an impact on your portraits and low-light photography usage, the Canon 90D is a huge upgrade to the Canon EOS Digital Rebel T3 DSLR camera both in age (the T3 was released in 2011; the 90D is 8 years newer, released in 2019), features, and image quality
  2. The Canon Rebel T3i (aka 600D) is the lastest entry-level DSLR from Canon. As a step-up from the budget-oriented Rebel T3, the Rebel T3i offers a little more bang-for-your-buck while still retaining an entry-level price point.. To see if this entry-level shooter is the right one for you, read on. Canon Rebel T3i Key Feature
  3. The Canon T3i is Canon's top of the line model in their entry level Rebel series of DSLRs. The major new feature is a tilt and swivel foldout LCD screen. Otherwise it's somewhat of an incremental software update of the Canon EOS T2i, incorporating features from the T2i, the EOS 60D and the EOS 7D (Canon's top-of-the-line crop sensor DSLR) and.
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Many people vouch for the 50mm prime lens for street photography even on APSC sensor. I also know on the other hand some people like the versatility of a zoom lens (kit lens of 18-55mm or other lenses ranging from 17-70 or 17-105mm) to meet the ne.. When the Canon Rebel T3i was announced just a short year after the T2i hit store shelves, the differences between the cameras were minor enough that purchasing the new model just didn't make sense for many photographers, especially in light of the earlier model's price drop. The same, however, can not be said when looking at the T3i vs the T4i This Canon T3i Rebel EOS camera is considered a great camera for entry level DSLRs'. I couldn't agree more but, I think your getting much more. Although this is my first DSLR camera, in my opinion it has all the bells and whistles anyone especially a beginner could ever want. For example the ability to fire off camera speed lights

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  1. The Rebel T3i digital SLR body-only configuration is $799.99, and it's also offered in a kit version with Canon's EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II zoom lens for $899.99. For testing Canon loaned me an EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS lens ($450) that proved to be remarkably versatile. There's not much sharp in this grab shot of a nighttime skater.
  2. Canon dslr photography quick reference tip cards cheat sheets for canon rebel t5i t4i t3i t3 t2i t1i. 1. Buy Canon DSLR Photography Quick Reference TipCards & Cheat Sheets for Canon Rebel T5i T4i T3i T3T2i T1i XSi XS XTi XT 60D 7D 6D 5D Mark III II. 2. Handy pocket-sized reference cards contain everything you need to know while out shooting.
  3. I want a Canon Rebel T3i, however, in LiveView the camera defaults to Evaluative metering. My question: If I am shooting entirely in Manual, does the Evaluative metering really make a difference? When I pose this question to Canon -- and I have on a number of occasions -- I get mixed answers. Some tech support folks say yes, others say no
  4. Upgrading from Canon Rebel T3i. Hello, I'm interested in upgrading to a full frame camera but have no idea where to even look. I'm currently using the t3i with the 18mm-55mm lens and my images arent sharp/in focus at all. I'm a first year photography student so I'll be shooting all sorts of things, studio, still life, portrait, street.
  5. Modification Service: Full Spectrum Clear Glass Modification - I will convert your Canon XSi (450D), XS (1000D), T1i (500D), T2i (550D), T3 (1100D), T5 (1200D), T3i (600D), T4i (650D), T5i (700D) or T6i (750D) for astro imaging and infrared photography for the following costs: Full Spectrum modification: $190; Astronomik MC Clear Glass replacement filter: $12

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Buy Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm IS II Lens Kit featuring 18MP APS-C CMOS Sensor, DIGIC 4 Imaging Processor, 3.0 Clear View Vari-Angle LCD, Full HD 1080p Video With Manual Exposure, Compatible with Canon EF and EF-S Lenses, 3.7 fps Burst Shooting & 100-6400 ISO, 63 Zone Dual-Layer Metering / 9-Point AF, SD/SDHC/SDXC Memory Cards & USB 2.0, Live View & Intelligent Auto. David Busch s Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D Guide to Digital SLR Photography . Download or Read online David Busch s Canon EOS Rebel T3i 600D Guide to Digital SLR Photography full in PDF, ePub and kindle. This book written by David D. Busch and published by Cengage Learning which was released on 01 June 2011 with total pages 480 Canon T3i Tips for Beginners. 7,702 likes · 3 talking about this. To stay up-to-date on the latest tips and tricks for the Canon T3i, visit my new.. Often compared with Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Canon EOS Rebel T6. Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Canon PowerShot SX60 HS. Canon EOS Rebel T3i. Canon EOS Rebel T5

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  1. Canon's EOS 600D / Rebel T3i is the company's latest upper entry-level DSLR, which at first glance appears to be little more than the EOS 550D / T2i equipped with a flip-out screen and wireless flash control. After all, both cameras are roughly the same size, shape and weight, and share the same 18 Megapixel sensor, core HD movie modes.
  2. Featuring Canon's newest DIGIC 4 Image Processor and an 18.0 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor - plus cutting-edge technologies like Full HD video recording, Live View shooting, Wireless flash photography and even a Vari-angle 3.0-inch LCD monitor - the EOS Rebel T3i offers the best of EOS photography in a compact package
  3. Along with these DSLR cameras, Canon is also introducing a new kit lens, the EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II zoom lens, the standard kit lens for both the Rebel T3i kit configuration and the Rebel T3.

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Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Canon EOS Rebel T3i 18.0MP Digital SLR Camera - Black (Kit with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens) at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products and 50mm f/1.8 Canon T3i Settings For A Cinematic Look NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY for beginners - Tips and camera settings explained Canon Rebel T3i Manual The T3i retains options for Manual exposure control and full use of the AF system. The Canon Auto Lighting Optimizer functions by bringing out shadow detail as I will show in the following photos. All the photos are cropped down to show the same area and lighting. Lighting was constant and a manual setting of ISO 100, f/11, 1/400 was used on a Canon 7D and Canon EF-S 10mm-22mm lens. The pictures progress from the ALO being.

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Canon EOS Rebel T3i - digital camera EF-S 18-55mm IS and 55-250mm IS lenses overview and full product specs on CNET. landscape, night scene, portrait mode Exposure Range. Light Metering Range. The new EOS Rebel T3i offers fun and easy-to-use features for beginning photographers. For the young enthusiast learning photography or the adult looking to learn more, Canon's new Feature Guide instruction will walk Rebel T3i users through functions and provide recommendations for various settings, a great hands-on learning tool The EOS Rebel T3i can shoot up to 3.7 frames per second (fps) for up to approximately 6 consecutive RAW files or approximately 34 full-resolution JPEGs. Shooting at speeds of up to 1/4000 sec., the EOS Rebel T3i can capture even rapidly-unfolding scenes with ease. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i DSLR demystifies great photography by including an in.